Lumiere Brother

Lumiere Brother

 Athens, Attica, GRC


Lumiere Brother’s music is an invitation to a cinematic journey with the listener as the protagonist. His debut solo album “Fiction” is inspired by the atmospheric 60s French films, the whimsical fairytales of Tim Burton and his own story of youthful joie de vivre. He set out to make a pure indie pop record based on piano rather than guitar, an instrument that accompanied him for the most part of his career as the co-leader and guitarist of indie rock band Serpentine. His achievement is nothing short of magical, as it evokes the choruses of the Beatles, the pop classicism of ELO and the evocative compositions of Danny Elfman. Lumiere Brother was picked to serve as the opening act for British crooner Richard Hawley’s first gig in Athens


LP "Fiction", Archangel, 2009