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"It's charming and abrasive at the same time. The songs in their structure and content are clever and well written. Although the vocals and melodies often maintain a delicate and sensual nature there is still a prominently aggressive presence overall.It's a unique combination of musical elements that work very well together"
(Merc, All Natural Lemon&Lime Flavors)
- ?

"drop you vivid colours"

"If you need quiet music for gentle aliens, don't call Rie Takeuchi & Sons."

Ian Masters - Sore & Steal/Wing Disc/Friendly Science Orchestra - friendly science

"waiting for the summer"

You don't have to wait for the summer! Just throw on this wonderful CD
and play with our favorite Japanese band! We have long championed
Luminous Orange's blend of ethereal pop through a number of remarkable
demo tapes, and it was a treat to hear them make the jump to CD with
their debut release, even if we were so used to the demo versions at that
point that we found them preferable to the new ones! Waiting For The
Summer is their second effort, and it shows clear improvements on all
fronts. The impeccable songwriting and incredibly beautiful vocals of Rie
Takeuchi, often mixed and harmonized on multiple layers, sparkle along a
variety of exciting pathways liberally strewn with more melodic twists
and turns than most bands (except maybe XTC and The High Llamas) have
ever thought to try. It is really no wonder that she and Ian Masters
(Pale Saints) have collaborated on a few songs (one on the last album and
a single for Masters' own Friendly Science??? label). A new version of my
personal favorite, "Garden Of Stones" (the original appears on Splashed
With Many A Speck) creates a slightly different, less synchopated feel,
and adds more charms to an exquisitely crafted song. Tremendously frosty
heights are reached on "Key for Spring," while the jazzy "The White Moon"
shows an amazing amount of depth and maturity for a band still apparently
in its teens. By the time the delicate "The Winter Sun" with its
exceptionally well-placed strings, and tumbling melodic lines of "I Can't
Move" sweep grandly past, I wish there were twice as much material here.
If Rie and her bandmates continue creating such richly rewarding and
phenomenally pleasant music as this, their futures look very bright
indeed. 10 - bn(Brant Nelson) - dewdrops

"Luminous Orange’s Rie Takeuchi soars with a little help from her friends"

Though often referred to as a “shoegaze band,” Luminous Orange’s Rie Takeuchi says she is neither of those two things.

“I don’t like being described as a shoegaze band,” she says with a friendly smile on the first mention of the “s” word. “I think it’s boring to think about music in terms of genre.”

Takeuchi, who is the guitarist, vocalist and songwriter for the alternative-rock act, says there’s more to the music of Luminous Orange that can be summed up in a simple word like “shoegaze” or “dreampop.” She also politely points out that the project isn’t really a band anymore, but more on that later.

“(‘Shoegaze’ and ‘dream pop’) are terms that are only used to divide up the shelves in record stores,” she says. “I don’t see myself as shoegaze and I think if people listen to the music properly they’ll understand that, too.”

Luminous Orange has just released its seventh studio album, “Soar, Kiss The Moon,” via its official website. A nationwide release is scheduled for Nov. 5 via the band’s Parallelogram imprint. The new record contains many familiar elements of the group’s sound, including Takeuchi’s lush melodies and transparent vocals, layers upon layers of guitars, and complex, intertwining rhythms that borrow elements of postrock and math rock. The intricate production, wide sonic palette and attention to detail are typical of what Luminous Orange has been bringing fans for 22 years.

It’s also important to note that Luminous Orange has technically been Takeuchi’s solo project since 2002. Formed in 1992 in Yokohama, the band was originally a four-piece. After several lineup changes over the years, the other members left to pursue different projects. Takeuchi, however, decided to keep the name.

“We had five years’ worth of history that we had built up, and when you change the name you can’t play your older songs, or it seems like you’re covering yourself, and I didn’t want that,” she says. “So I kept the name, and when performing it’s a band, but in reality it’s a solo project. But Elliott Smith was like that, and even Stevie Wonder. They’re solo artists but they have bands.”

Since the solo project began, a revolving roster of musicians have contributed to Takeuchi’s compositions both on the records and at live performances.

On “Soar, Kiss The Moon,” Takeuchi presents an even wider spectrum of sounds compared to her previous works, from the e-bow glazed “Das Experiment,” which sounds like a nod to the 1998 Sonic Youth album “A Thousand Leaves,” to “Nightwalking,” a rocker with parts in 7-4 time, and to “Sore, Soar, Soir,” an uplifting, playful waltz number.

Also featured on the album is an expanded band of woodwinds and brass instruments. While past albums dabbled in a wide array of instrumentation, “Soar, Kiss The Moon” brings these nontraditional rock sounds to the fore. They’re also primarily provided by members of indie rock band Yoshida Yohei Group, who recently impressed audiences at the Rookie A Go-Go stage at this year’s Fuji Rock Festival.

“I’ve been wanting to use brass instruments for a while now. Some songs seemed like they would be good if they had brass in them,” Takeuchi says. “We were invited to a (rock band) Loolowningen & The Far East Idiots’ gig once, and Yoshida Yohei Group were on the bill. They were using flutes, bassoons and saxophones, and I ended up asking them to play on the album.”

Takeuchi’s ability to seamlessly glide through multiple time signatures and rhythms is highlighted by the incredible rhythm section on the album, courtesy of drummer Kensuke Nishiura, formerly of Soutaisei Riron, and session bassist Hideki Kawase. The album also features appearances by Jumpei Yamamoto, who plays with Latin-influenced rock band Praha Depart and the aforementioned Loolowningen & The Far East Idiots. Previous support musician Takehito Kono, bassist for progressive instrumental rock band Lagitagida, also appears.

The album features other frequent Luminous Orange contributors, including guitarist Katsuya Yanagawa of the band Caucus, and Ito Hayashi on backing vocals.

To coincide with the release of “Soar, Kiss The Moon,” Luminous Orange will perform at O-Nest in Tokyo on Sunday. The show promises a full set by the latest lineup of the band, along with guest appearances by previous collaborators, including the brass and woodwinds of Yoshida Yohei Group. The crowded stage will prove to be both a logistical and musical challenge for Takeuchi and her bandmates.

“We have so many instruments on the album, so the engineer is going to bring another mixing board to the venue,” Takeuchi says.

The show may perhaps be the only time audiences will be able to properly experience the new album live with the extended band. As I point out to Takeuchi that the new songs would be hard to recreate without having the members of Yoshida Yohei Group at every show, she nods and starts to laugh.

“We were practicing today without the brass section and the songs seemed really sparse and lonely,” she says with a laugh. “Perhaps if our schedules work out?”

text by Ryotaro Aoki - Japan Times

"みんなの戦艦2014 出演者インタビューNo.3「LUMINOUS ORANGE」"

みんなの戦艦2014 出演者インタビューNo.3「LUMINOUS ORANGE」



|| オフィシャルサイト

緻密に編み上げられたギターのレイヤー、宙を漂うような調性感、雨音のようにゆらめくリズム、唯一無二の音楽を20年以上に亘り照射し続ける竹内里恵氏によるプロジェクトLUMINOUS ORANGE。先にインタビューした吉田ヨウヘイgroupと同様目下レコーディング中との事で貴重なタイミングでインタビュー出来ました。みんなの戦艦2014出演者の名前もチラホラ散見される内容は新作の話も盛り沢山!全地球人必見です。



ガットギターは後にエレキに置き換えたものもありますが、そのまま残っている曲も多くて、それに合わせてサポートメンバーの河瀬氏にウッドベースを弾いてもらったり、ラテンに造詣の深い(山本)淳平さん(LOOLOWNINGEN&THE FAR EAST IDIOTS,PRAHA DEPART)にドラムで、吉田ヨウヘイGroupに管楽器でゲスト参加していただきました。なので、以前の作品にはないテクスチャーの曲が多いと思います。












竹内→2013年は、LOOLOWNINGEN&THE FAR EAST IDIOTSの「MISTERIOSO」と70年代のスティービー・ワンダーを交互にローテーションしていました。自分がそのとき何らかの刺激を受けたアーティストばかりを、細部を覚え込むまで徹底的に聴き込む(2~3年サイクル)、しかも一度に聴けるアーティスト数が少ない、という偏った聴き方をしているので、人様におすすめできるほど知らなくて。



竹内→夏前ころに、山形と高松でそれぞれライブのお誘いがありまして、その後に、東京近辺でのリリース記念ライブも考えています。まだ具体的な日程は出ていないので、公式サイトを時々ご覧いただければ嬉しいです。 - Minnano Senkan (reviews written in Japanese)


1996-"Vivid Short Trip"(cream cone records/album)
1997-"Waiting for the Summer"(k.o.g.a. records/album)
1998-"Sugarcoated"(major records/album)
"Puppy Dog Mail EP" (Friendly Science/7 inch)
1999-"luminousorangesuperplastic"(cream cone records/album)
2000-"luminousorangesugarplastic(trattoria/maxi single)
2002-"Drop You Vivid Colours"(tonevender/album)


Feeling a bit camera shy


formed in yokohama in 1992 by Rie Takeuchi,who'd been inspired by Pale Saints,MBV,Sonic Youth etc. Luminous Orange has relased several materials from various labels (include Cornelius' Trattoria,Ian Masters' Friendly Science in the UK),have sold more than 20,000 copies in total.Highly spoken among ethusiastic shibuya-kei/shinjuku-alternative/shoegaze folks throughout the world. in 2001, chosen for a performer of Colette's (select shop in Paris )millenium party,and CMJ Music Marathon in NYC (2001 & 2004),SXSW 2006 Showcase. layers of delicate female voices with glittering guitars & synth on aggressive rhythms. also contains the feelings of bossanova ,electronica,classic impressionism.