A little bit of Evanescence, Plumb, Coldplay, The Cranberries, U2, Sixpence none the Richer, and yet different again! Formed in 2003 Luminous is literally a band on a mission selling 2500. In under 4 years they have played 350 shows totalling 40,000 poeple in the USA, NZ, AU, Japan and EUROPE


Luminous began in Kona, Hawaii in April 2003. They began creating music that would challenge their generation with a message that there's more to life than what MTV sells us. Luminous combines music and visual media to show people true hope and love.



Written By: David Bruce

Verse 1
I woke up this with a cloud above my head
Once again today ooo ooooo
Echoes of my past they haunt me
To say its just another day ooo ooooo
Nothings new You never change
But I know, its not me, its not me, its not me

Chorus (Xs 2)
If I have a choice I choose you now
Though I don't feel you I know your real, your real

Why is it so hard to look into your face
Oh I need a little of your grace
ooo oooo and I know, I know, I need you, I need you

(Vocal melodie ending)


2003 "Luminous"

2005 "Exposing the Dark"
Songs that have had airplay
Falling For You
Who am I
Seach Me