Amsterdam, North Holland, NLD

Lumisokea play semi-structured improvised electronic music, combined with on stage acoustic instrumentation, heavy sub basses and unique beats. Teaming up with a creative visual artist who uses an analog overhead projector, their performance is often described as trancey, psychedelic yet tangible.


Belgian/Italian duo Lumisokea (formed by multi-instrumentalists and composers Koenraad Ecker and Andrea
Taeggi) brings forward an eight-track album filled with refined micro worlds of exciting electronica and
acoustics. In their upcoming release Automatons on label Eat Concrete, Lumisokea set out to build
sonic landscapes that are both minimalistic yet highly rich in texture and atmosphere.
In their effort, Lumisokea (Finnish for 'snow-blind') add a range of acoustics to their laptops and electronic
hardware including prepared piano, harmonium and live percussion, rendering a fresh and vivid
sound. Stylistically they cover a broad spectrum, going from ambient to noise and prepared piano to heavy
bass beats (as if you were listening to John Cage's 'Piano Sonatas' while a dubstep rave is going on next
door), still remaining completely focussed on their signature sound.
Lumisokea have crafted a highly rewarding listening experience in their debut release, beautifully packaged
by Islandic Ninna Thorarinsdottir and mastered to perfection by Sam John at Precise Mastering (who has
worked with Aphex Twin, Scuba and 808 State a.o.).


LUMISOKEA - Self production

AUTOMATONS (Eat Concrete 2011)

Tracks that had radio airplay can checked out at: (starts around 3 min)

Concertzender radio show boradcast available from end September

Set List

45-55 min set in one go.