Lum creates tunes with a wide variety of sounds and textures. A song can be anywhere from raw and danceable to polished and meditative.


Lum (rhymes with "fume") is from Oakland, CA and consists of Nathan Chamberlain, Marcus Lopez, and Sebastian Carrasco. Lum began out of a few wishful thoughts that had a good direction. Shortly after Lum's formation in spring of 2007, they placed in the Sigur Ros Artists in Residence competition. This accomplishment sustained Lum's hope during a time when hope was scarce. Though each of the band members have gone through hardships, Lum has remained standing.

Reverberated guitars create an oceanic wave that is reminiscent of My Bloody Valentine. Some songs share the upbeat joy of a sunny summer afternoon, while others develop in a meditative crescendo. Though Lum's songs present themselves with a wide variety, they all have a sense of unity.


"Lua" E.P.
1. The Line is Blurred
2. Lilles in Harmony
3. October
4. Little Miss Magic
5. Myth

Set List

Sets can be anywhere from 45 minutes to 1 hour and a half. Depends on the need.