LUNA AMARA is everything to us. It is our way to discover ourselves and to keep the lucidity in a crazy world. And we hope that LUNA AMARA becomes that kind of place for you, too. LUNA AMARA is love, is protest, is hate, is melancoly, is everthing that we feel. And everything in between.


LUNA AMARA (“bitter moon”) is one of the most successful alternative rock Romanian bands. Actually, it is more than a band, as its members are trying to create not only music, but to be a constant reminder of the social and political issues present in the day-by-day Romanian society.
Together with influences from Tool, Deftones, Porcupine Tree, Alice in Chains, Pearl Jam and others, LUNA AMARA brings an unique fusion between trumpet solos and guitar’s hard riffs. It’s not ethno, it’s not ska, is simply the newest sound that eastern European rock gives you. Since it started, in 2000, the band played more than 500 shows, not only in Romania – where it has been on every major festival stage, but also in Hungary (at Sziget Festival 2005), Bulgaria, Turkey, Germany, Holland and France (East West Fest 2006, Lille). LUNA AMARA performed as an opening act for Paradise Lost, Clawfinger, Apocalyptica, Toy Dolls, The Exploited, Amorphis and HIM. All these bands are representing different styles, so the ability to play with all of them proves that LUNA AMARA music is the intersection where all the souls of rock meet.


Dead Ends

Written By: Mihnea Blidariu

Our job is to believe
To shut our mouths and then receive
An empty home
Our life means compromise
Always smart but never wise
Together alone
We are here and you are there
Always talk but never care
Got used to that?
And if we scream our scream will be
Another strange philosophy
Of a spoiled young brat

Is it to the moon
Or is it to the sun
Is it down to earth
Or is it high above
Is it to the love
This song is being sent by our troubled minds and tired hearts?

“fuck the system, everyone!”
“start a riot!”, “be someone!”
- such pathetic words.
I think you better get a job
Instigate the blinded mob
To buy the world
And if you think you understand
I’m sorry but you’re wrong my friend
It’s silence in here
And in the end all that we are
Is corpses driving in the cars
Can you smell the fear?

Love is overrated now
We must find a way somehow
To hurt
And be hurt
But if you listen you can’t sing
And my voice is just a thing
Becoming dirt.

Hunt The Wire

Written By: Mihnea Blidariu

What’s in these eyes? What’s in this mind?
Is there anyone who’d like to find out?
So fast and deep
So free and blind
Ignorance cuts the rist of your doubt

And all your dreams
Are TV themes
And your big love is a stunt
The human kind is just an animal
On a hunt

The sickness sells
The sadness sells
Pick up your favourite death from the store
You’re just the mouse in your right hand
Give it away and wish for some more

Cause all your hopes
Are your night dopes
The end is here every day
The human kind is on the run
So run away

Flood Moses

Written By: Nick Fagadar

So glad to know
How everything’s found its way with the flow
So thrilled to see
How every you is no every me
Can I demand
A gentle recess from the years that we’ve spent
Are we in doubt
And if so let me know where do we go.

How do things grow
Distance and lies and such black holes
Can you deny how silence is guilt
But have you tried
Not to let go
Of all the true things we know
Such shame to leave
And if so
Just let me know
Have you found a home?

Ch: So this is how you chose to let us know
Of how the water always finds its way to flow
Down through every goddamn heartless stone
And we’re right here…
Chose to never leave
One more floodmoses
To believe in.

True Sunshine

Written By: Nick Fagadar

Feed me something that will heal
Give me something true
Trust to chase away all fears
Change the things I do.

Blind the silence,true sunshine
Need to be myself
Lose the anger,give me time
Time to get me help.

Ch: And if I want you to feel
The rest of me
Should make you see and believe
That we are above our fear
Still need to clear
This living lie
A mother’s cry.

No Return

Written By: Mihnea Blidariu

There’s this…I don’t know, there’s something in the air
There’s dust on our hands, there’s dirt in our hair
And we’re cold
So cold

We don’t ask ourselves if it’s right or wrong
We just play along
We only wish we were strong
But we’re old
So old

What was that? I don’t know, I guess
Somebody killed a dream, somebody found the mess
In their head
Their head

Smashed your head against the wall
Lost control
You’re no machine after all
You are dead
So dead

All the souls, all the souls are grey
Just like solitary birds
In the night
And we can’t, can’t take everything back
We can’t turn all this black
Into white

There is blood on the news, there is blood in your dreams
There is something so sad about your fucked up esteem
And we cry
Oh, cry…

From the newborn, today, to the dead in the grave
The remote sets you free but you’re still just a slave
Oh, why?...


"Asfalt" (Roton, 2004)
"Loc Lipsa" (Roton, 2006)
"Don't Let Your Dreams Fall Asleep" (to be released, spring 2009)