Luna Fox

Luna Fox


An electronic tribal dance punk band that unravels a world that you are only able to touch in your most electrifying dark moments. A sleeping beast that awakens the want to caress every vice and desire. Culminating in a thunderstorm of electro rhythms, punchy tribal beats and wailing soulful melody.


Luna Fox is part animal part wanderer of the night, part howling producer, part wailing banshee vocals. Together Joey Valdes (Fox) and Randa Eid (Luna) make electro-tribal music for people to move and sweat. Unleashing the beast from the wild unknown they take you to areas of the earth and universe that only dreams and nightmares are made of.

Luna met Fox in the spring of 2013 and after a conversation about wanting more music that would make them howl at the moon they created. 'Luna Fox'. Luna (singer/composer) has been described as Peaches and Bjork, dripping and wailing with Gang Gang Dance. Her haunting yet almost coquettish soulful melodies rip through Fox's out of bounds instrumentation's. Fox's playful beats are the DNA of memories that build, kick, and rip. Expressing the damage and drama of places known and the ache of exotic landscapes yet to be explored.


Animal babies EP - to be released August 2013