Luna is Honey

Luna is Honey

 Los Angeles, California, USA

Noisy, melodic pop for the apocalypse, with a dirty tropical groove.


Drawing from the pop sensibilities of Elvis Costello, the visceral sonic attack of My Bloody Valentine, and the groove-heavy experimentation of Prince, LA's Luna is Honey are purveyors in sounds that are at once sweet and abrasive. Having played in and around Los Angeles’ rich music scene for a number of years, the band have become veterans of performing in guerilla art galleries, dive bars, and living rooms of condemned apartments, suitably gritty venues for their raw, powerful sound. The quintet is equally adept at bludgeoning listeners with roaring guitars and propulsive rhythms as they are at creating deliberate mood pieces that showcase the band's electronics. With their incomparable ear for melody and talent for crafting unique textures, Luna is Honey is making a name for themselves as one of Los Angeles’ most exciting musical acts.


Self-released albums:

Coolbreeze EP(2012)
Sex Museum LP(2011)
Copy Cats EP (2010)
Raptor Red LP(2009)