Luna Mantra

Luna Mantra


Luna Mantra delivers an innovative, exciting and extremely danceable live performance. Jazz, flamenco, gypsy, bossa nova, bluegrass, tango, and reggae influence the Pensacola, Florida based progressive world-beat trio, who infuse spanish guitar and gypsy violin with world beat/jazz fusion rhythms.


Luna Mantra fuses the modern and traditional melodies and rhythms of tango and flamenco, jazz and groove, gypsy and bossa nova, bluegrass, Indian, Caribbean and Middle Eastern music to form an innovative, exciting and extremely danceable live performance. Luna Mantra features the talents of
brothers Michael Kinser on classical guitar and Joshua Kinser on the traditional drumset, Afro-Cuban percussion, Indian Tablas and the Mediterranean doumbek, and Will Fink on the violin and flute. The captivating and refreshing Florida-based progressive world-beat trio has toured extensively throughout the United States and has traveled to Hawaii and the European countries of Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Turkey, France and Egypt. Luna Mantra's diversity in style has enabled them to perform at a wide variety of venues including outdoor music festivals, universities, art museums, and theaters.

In March 2004, Luna Mantra collaborated with Ballet Pensacola for two performances. Michael Kinser was commissioned by the progressive ballet company to write two pieces that would be set to dance by famed Taiwanese choreographer Lee-Wei Chao. The two selections, Las Brisas and Luna Mantra, were performed live with the dance company as grand finales and were received with standing ovations. This year Ballet Pensacola has commissioned four more pieces from Luna Mantra with performances scheduled for March 3rd and 4th 2006.

Luna Mantra's recent television debut helped the American Red Cross to raise over $54,000 during their Hurricane Katrina Gulf Coast telethon. In April 2004, Luna Mantra received invitation to record their first full length album at the University of North Carolina in Asheville. In late October of 2005 the University of West Florida's public radio station, WUWF, invited Luna Mantra to record an EP at "Studio A" for their second formal recording session. In December 2005 Luna Mantra will be recording their highly anticipated second full length independent studio recording to prepare for early spring tours to Hawaii and Colorado in 2006.


Luna Mantra- Chasing the Wind- 2004 Independent Release

Airplay on WWOZ New Orleans, WWUF Pensacola and others

Set List

Depending on the gig, our typical sets are from 15min-3hrs in length, and feature a wide variety of original music and world music covers including:

Original Compositions
Luna Mantra
Chasing the Wind
Las Brisas

Jazz Standards
Impressions (John Coltrane)
Girl from Iponema
Take Five

Bluegrass Standards
Orange Blossom Special
Arkansas Traveler
Ashokan Farewell

Irish Jigs & Ballads
Irish Washer Woman
Hector the Hero

A full song list is available upon request