We have an extremely different sound than most bands and work to catch people's ear on the first time they hear the music. We have a rocking lead female vocalist to add to our wrecking machine.

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Bound to Break

Written By: Derrick Jordan

Bound to Break

Everthing that I used to feel
Didn’t even know it wasn’t real
All that ive seen from passing time
Makes me wonder how I could be so blind

Verse 1:
It makes me sick to think of all the things that we could be
All the stuff we did now just a distant memory
I learned the hard way I learned the only way
Every time it comes to words I never know what to say
When It came to you, you know how hard I tried
Just for everything we had to only break away and die
Every time I bend you know I’m bound to break
There’s only so mush every man can take

Pre chorus:
What now, what to do
Da da da da da
What now, what is true
Da da da da da

How can we just be friends when did this all come to an end
All the things we left behind still eat me up deep down inside
I still can't get you out of my mind

Verse 2:
Being with you meant everything to me
Of course it didn’t matter didn’t mean a thing
Always had your reasons and your lame exuse
I don’t need to sit here and take this abuse
All these things there driving me insane
Im sort of feeling trapt in this winless game
The sad thing is even though I try
I just can't seem to gettcha out of my mind

Buried So Deep

Written By: Derrick Jordan/ Rebecca Jordan

Buried So Deep

Verse 1:
Torn Girl who lost herself
Fell so hard she couldn’t help
Who she hurt, let her down
Truth covers, all your lies
In all her substance no she couldn’t hide
Our ties cut like all the scars on her side

Your innocence has been forgotten
Buried down below somewhere deep
Can't you see how far you’ve fallen
The promises you didn’t keep
Ohh ohh Buried so deep ohh ohh

Verse 2:
I knew her, before it died
A best friend on my side
Few things should have never been shown
Didn’t think it would make her life
In all her substance no she couldn’t hide
Our ties cut like all the scars on her side

Don’t blame me I tried to stop you