Bristol, England, GBR

Wild and dreamy post- rock. Psychedelic guitars and danceable beats


Lunarians are a six piece outfit hailing from New York City, Manchester, Leeds and The Cotswolds. We formed in Bristol in 2009.

Following a series of enthusiastically received gigs in Bristol we have begun to branch out nationwide.

Lunarians shows combine the force and flair of the music with the alluringly twisted visuals of band VJ Beaucoup visuals.

An early version of Lunarians track. Pink Metal has been played internationally by DJ duo Deepgroove.

Lunarians occasionally remix other artists, their remix of the song Her Winters Coat by Irish singer/songwriter Annette Buckley gaining radio play in Ireland.

Praise for Lunarians:

Fantastically cool... [An] oddly disarming mix of psychedelically inflected guitars, vocals pitched on an Ian Curtis level of sunnyness and a dreamy beatiness you'd most readily associate with the sounds of yer traditional liquid projection-enhanced festival dance tent" Venue Magazine.

"Very exciting" Tom Robinson, six music

"Track of the week" Ourobouros


Scene In Pieces

Written By: Simon Baker


Eyes behind the wall
See every detail
Zero in on skin
Count sweat beads and blinks

Been in here so long daylight would seem mystical
If you left all life would die and the sky would fall

Constant measurement
Ascertains your thoughts
Incorrect results
Trigger penalties

Are they aware
You know they're there?

Vast resources spent
Your condition must
Be critical to
The safety of all


Written By: Simon Baker

If everyone died at the same time
Would that be so very tragic?
If we knew the moment loomed
Would we be filled with doom?
Or would life seem more vivid?
Searing beauty everywhere
Senses ravenous, each breath wondrous
The pounding of our hearts thunderous

So come colossal asteroid
Hurtling out of the void
Our bodies ache to be destroyed
We scan the skies with telescopes
Barely daring to hope
Our spirits eager to elope

The preciousness of life
Would be impossible to ignore
We'd discover we were more than
Memories and thoughts patterns
The extinction of humanity
Would be a mere detail
Once we were aware of who we are
Beyond thought, beyond matter


Debut E.P. Intraocular self released April 2010

Set List

We can anything from thirty minutes to sixty minutes.

We adapt to where we are playing, becoming more rocky or more dance- orientated as is desired.

We're reasonable people.