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"Review of Lunarium at the Pleasant Valley Jam"

Frendos Sound Of The Week


Having just witnessed Lunariums live performance, I can only say; I was blown away by something new and yet refined like aged wine. Celtic Folk Metal, played with the skills of legendary bardsmen, in a similar style to Flogging Molly, but the Cryb thinks, much heavier and even better!
Do not let these kilt and chainmail donned "band" mis-lead you; they know how to Shredd Metal and envolve the crowd in an adventure they will never forget. As soon as Lunariums high energy display began, the crowd crunched forward, in an attempt to get closer to the vibes, coming off these axe wielding warriors.

Nate - Lead Vocals and Lead Guitar, is a powerful vocalist. Never missing a note, while never missing a riff and setting his fret board ablaze. Nate has those perfect guitar fingers and can perform quick walks and licks, with some of the best. His vocals are anthemic and not only sung with skill, but sung very clear for a live performance.

Ryan - Backing Vocals and Rhythm Guitar, AC/DC would love this fellow. I know we certainly did at the Cryb. He knows how to swing an axe and gave us a thrashing that has got to be, the best I have felt in years. My neck still hurts.

Jar - Backing Vocals and Bass, Have you ever seen an axe god in chainmail? We have and his name is JAR. Let me just say, the weight of his armor did not stop this warriors ability to move the crowd. JARs' bass skills are supra sharp and it wasn't long before he had his own seperate audience banging along, as if they came specifically to see JARs kick axe, bass rap alone.

Justin - Backing Vocals and Drums, Justin comes packaged in a black cape and hood, but that is not all he packs. He also packs a powerful thump and gives this group it's lightning precision. He eats sleeps and thinks drums constantly and it shows, in his well practiced form and rolling beats.

All four of these gentlemen, are excellent vocalists and get high marks for knowing how to balance out their skills and create there own brand of metal, as a team. Creating something that is sure to be a winning chart burner.

Celtic Metal has dawned above the woods and into the mainstream and Lunarium holds the key to victory. - Michael Ellison, Frendo's Cryb

"Metal Covenant CD Review"

Dressed in kilts, donning nice garb, faces smudged by cyano war paint, the noble descendents of time honored heritage and highland glory stand proud. These waymen of wile and weal dub themselves Lunarium, and they mirror pagan pride, embittered on their heathenish foray. These trollslayers are soothsayers of Pagan reputation, and Christian repudiation. Hear the warcry of these brothers in arms, as they elicit fantastic fables, and espouse an argosy of dragonlore. These noble savages are sages of the poetic, bearing liberation and libation. These recusants bathed in moonfog, beguile through myth, tinged with history. Soaring on the wings of infinite glory, ensconsed in shamanistic nocturnal rights, relish in their journey into mystery.

Another Mid-Western tale of wonder and musement, Lunarium rise from the depths of insipid ignorance, dwelling in the forsaken land known as Waverly, Ohio. Lunarium hale the storm, bringing about times of change and introspection. This is their debut release for the burgeoning label known as Farvahar Records. Reworking several songs from their 2006 demo, and penning some new anthems, Lunarium fans will celebrate this triumphant release. Those uninitiated into their sublime blend of chaos and social construct, will want to acquaint themselves, accordingly.

The staff of Farvahar spared no expense on the packaging of this CD. The booklet is replete with well-written lyrics, liner notes, band photos, and more. The spectrum of diverse songs will be spinning genuinely in your head for over an hour. Most metal appetites will be satiated by the talent and prowess of Lunarium's myriad of melodies.

The feast of sardonic harmony commences with Warcry, an imperial saga of Roman conquest. Amon Amarth avengers & Ensiferum dragonheads will cherish this victory song. Dive in to Death Rides' Doomsword laden homage to the Witch-King of Angmar from Tolkien's Middle Earth. Týr and Turisas fans will acknowledge Heritage Taken & Brothers In Arms, with magnanimous accreditation. Sea Dragons is a striking shipshape rhyme of ancient mariners, with rapid waves of flowing concord and ebony tides. Each individual track has its own character and personality. Cruachan's Celtic mysteries unfold in the arcane cadence of Liberation; while Falkenbach & Mithotyn legions will gather 'round the oaken throne and Hail The Fallen.

Vocalist Cinnead (Nate Bridenbaugh) is a weaver of dreams and Ancient Rites. His penchant for "Lord" Byron Roberts of Bal-Sagoth melds well with his articulate scholarly intonation, emulating Mathias Blad of Falconer, Martin Walkyier, and "ArdChieftain" Ciaran O'Hagan of Waylander. Bucolic bassist Jarloc Darkstar (JR Carter) has forged his own niche, through the echo of his own handcrafted tool of diligence. Drummer Justyn Van Stokken (Justin Lucas) scorches his skins, pummeling the pleonasms. Rygon Riffaxe (Ryan Carroll) accentuates the maelstrom.

Lyrically the songs are well-scripted through a collaboration of colloquial collusion and wistful interchange. A proclivity for history and culture are elucidated through a song like 1066 which concerns the famous Battle of Hastings in a time of blood and fire. Ale is a mirthful chortle of affectation, picturing the imbibing of spirits, in the mock-up tradition of Irish merriement. Flogging Molly yeomen will wallow in the wit, and catch the spit. This genuine draft sounds so traditional, like Old Rover or Some Say The Devil Is Dead; even I was fooled again.

Elisabeth's Song haunts the listener with real EVPs and a sound of White Noise; while Luna's Wake explores Lunarium's sorrow and mythos, baying under the moonspell. The closing cut Trollslayer is an exhibition bout of sonic intensity and echoes of Eternia. On stage during their live encore, Lunarium bring out this lummox of a creature; a caricature of Maiden's Eddie and Beowulf's nemesis Grendel. This towering troglodyte of monstrous dudgeon symbolizes all that oppresses, and the band decimate his reign through the strike of the sword of wisdom, while wielding metal guitar axes of power.

As you may be unfamiliar with this act of insanity, I urge you to delve into their sacred Eleusinian Mysteries. I highly recommend joining them on their journey through mythhistory a lacuna toil. In a digital age, this CD is definitely worth the investment. The Pagan Power Metal of Lunarium is alluring and inspired. Wake up to the sounds of divine hi-fidelity and fealty.

- Michael "Metal Angel" Francesco


Lunarium DEMO 2005
Lunarium "Trollslayer" DEMO
Lunarium Journeys Fables and Lore EP
LUNARIUM "Journeys Fables and Lore" (FARVAHAR RECORDS)

Lunarium has four songs that are currently being aired on streaming internet radio.
Death Rides (On Winged Glory)
Sea Dragons
Heritage Taken

As of May21, 2006 Lunarium has been added to 99.7 the BLITZ sunday local stuff show in Columbus OH. Their music is played On sundays at 10pm to an enormous listening audience ranging from central ohio to mid Southern Ohio. Track listing for these radio "spins" is currently limited to "Sea Dragons", "Brothers in Arms", and "Trollslayer".

March 20th 2008 Lunarium released "Sea Dragons" on Oasis CD Productions Radio Service Disk

As of 3/19/08 LUNARIUM has began appearing on Bill Peter's Metal on Metal radio show in Cleveland, OH.



The Legend of LUNARIUM

The year was 2005, roughly around Samhain (pronounced Sah-winn), and three warriors – Cinnead Loreweaver, Jarloc Darkstar and Justyn van Stokken – came together and decided to honor their ancestors. They had heard the sound of traditional heavy metal, loved it, and wished to combine it with the music that their ancestors used to tell their tales and praise their gods. So, after a bit of rehearsing and much laughter, they wrote their first pair of Celtic heavy metal songs, “Liberation” and “Death Rides on Winged Glory.” Another guitarist was added, in the form of Ryan Cottrill. They wrote a few more songs and played a lot of shows to small but enthusiastic responses. It was during this time that a Troll reared his ugly head, and the warriors made it their mission to rid the world of this menace once and for all. Not all trolls are the enemies of the warriors, just the ones that make trouble for the innocents of the world. An issue also arose with the name of the band (the name was taken by a cabal of evil capitalists) so they decided to honor the moon, a symbol of their goddess, by changing their name to LUNARIUM.
Eventually, after many trials and tribulations, they decided to replace Ryan, and none other than a Prince of Dwarves, Rygon Riffaxe, did step up to the task. Armed with his mithril battle axes and a sarcastic remark for just about everything, he was the perfect complement to the rapid-fire energy that the band had been developing. They rolled around Ohio, West Virginia, and even as far East as Virginia and North Carolina in their longship “The Sea Dragon,” playing shows, wining and wenching, and slaying all. Many heads did bang, and the Metal Gods were pleased.
Now, armed with a renewed sense of spirit, a killer new album, a devastating live show, and their trusty steel, these four warriors of Celtic Power Metal will renew their bloody and ale-sodden rampage across the USA and beyond, crushing the crowns of kingdoms beneath their booted feat and carving their name with steel into the scrolls of legendry!