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"Paquin Entertainment"

“Jared’s music has a European pop flare and a sound that cuts through the genre
of typical pop on today’s mainstream radio. It’s the kind of talent that the arts community
in this country needs to support, innovative, interesting and original.”

Joel Dixon - Paquin Entertainment - Paquin Entertainment

"IndiePool (Toronto)"

"A truly original album....Jared's unique vocal styling, coupled with lush
arrangements, makes LunarTheory a great new take on pop."

Craig Smith - Indie Pool Music Inc. - IndiePool

"The Indie Review"

“The intensity is sheer magic! Songs that begin on a fragile frame and tone
build with the emotional support of rock guitars, symphony and solid drumming. Lyrics
that in print seem like a mere thread of a conversation take on an emotional significance
that you just don't see coming!”

Ken Bell - The Indie Review - The Indie Review

"The Capitals"

“Wow. Definitely the best Independent CD I’ve listened to this year. I loved it.”

Chris Warunki – The Capitals - The Capitals

"Pure Magazine"

“LunarTheory’s Jared Robinson captivated his audience at a summer
performance. Just his vocals and a piano were enough to keep his fans not wanting the
performance to end."

Anita Stettner – Pure Magazine - Anita Stettner

"Album Groove CD Review"

“LunarTheory - Familiar Stories” are the resulting reflections of Jared Robinson’s fall through the looking glass. Here the lines between reality and fantasy have been dissolved into mere threads of consciousness. This music is definitely heavy without the weight. Jared has true brilliance in mastering storytelling and outlines the darkness of fairytales with a gleam of light shining through. These tales will take you deep into the enchanted woods, whereupon a twig snaps behind you forcing you to slowly turn around. The bread crumbs, left for guidance are gone. You are truly alone.

The effect emanating from this CD, which is arranged, produced and performed by Jared Robinson, is an onslaught for your senses. It will touch you, encapsulate you with its visual impact as you will see the sounds and feel the emotion. The descriptive feel to Jared’s procreation is not by accident, as his intentions are to reach the movie industry writing for film. On his CD formatted to resemble an old fairytale book, Jared has Chapters One and Two, One being self described as “Industrial Pop’ while Two is mostly comprised of “instrumental orchestral tracks”. The first song from Chapter Two, “Red Hood” was written for the independent film “A Girl in Red” and the fifth song in Chapter Two, “A Kiss For A Curse” was written for the independent film “Season Of Dreams”.

My favorite song in Chapter Two is “Acorn”, which whispers rain against windowpanes gently into my peripheral audio senses. Chapter One’s “Beautiful Dark Dreams” gets my nod while Jared has a definite fondness for “The Thimble” and its tale of ultimate sacrifice. Hear Jared’s vocal fuse with the instrumentation so seamlessly. Lyrically these songs appear so simplistic yet as with Lake Baikal, the shimmer on the surface masks the cold depths lurking below.

This CD is complimented with the DVD for “You Talk of Angels”. I feel the video has a strong visual correlation to the lyric and full-bodied sound. Though I am confident this song was not written for such goals, it and the video would do well on the charts. Check it out yourself at or or even on FaceBook and trust me, if you like what you hear, see and feel, you will want the original unique copy of Lunar Theory Familiar Stories for your bookshelf………er…..CD collection. - Fraser Wareham (Album Groove)


LunarTheory - Self Titled (2005)
LunarTheory - Familiar Stories (2008)

The newest CD "Familiar Stories" (2008) proved its worth with 4 songs placed in independent films ("Season of Dreams", "Roommate Wanted", "Send in the Clowns" and "A Girl in Red"). Jared's most recent acclaim perhaps was his honorable mention for the "CBC Hockey Night in Canada Anthem Challenge". Jared's anthem ranked in the top 10 out of 15,000 entries. Since, Jared has been approached by major video game music directors and will also be writing the theme for the 2010 Saskatchewan Games.

Singles from the self-titled debut were featured on 2 compilation albums as well as getting some television airtime on the program "Renegade". 3 singles were played on dozens of college/indie radio stations across North America/UK as well as on CBC 3 satellite radio. The independent video for "Follow" was played on several independent blog websites and I expect nothing less for the new video.




LunarTheory Concept

For Producer/Artist Jared Robinson, “LunarTheory” has been the hardest project to define since it’s creation in 2004. The project hasn’t easily fit into any of the molds created by the music industry, and has stood apart from anything visually in the design community. Jared’s love for music combined with his love for fantasy and film makes for a unique blend of sonic/visual art. Simply put, LunarTheory is a fantasy world that you are meant to get lost in. Welcome to it.

Jared Robinson’s Artist Bio

Recording artist Jared Robinson grew up in the prairies (Canada) and has always held close his love for art and music. Over the years, Jared has been involved with a number of bands, some of which were nominated for some of the country's most prestigious music awards (Sweetsalt), not to exclude winning an award for Best Independent Pop Recording in Canada. Singles from two of Sweetsalt’s recordings received major air time on radio stations across the country. The reach of Jared's (and his band mates) music extended into the USA and beyond, earning international exposure on "Dawson's Creek" and "Party of Five" DVD series. But, just when his music career seemed to be at its peek, neither Jared nor the other band members felt they were doing what they should be in their careers. For years it had been hard, each member wanting to go his own way with music styles, not having the support of the others. Seven years of playing in "one of the country's most promising pop bands" came to a close one evening when the 3 band mates decided to move on to different musical endeavors. The time had come for Jared to experiment with his own personal sound. Since Jared has been known for his "pretty" background vocals/harmonies he began playing with the idea of putting them on the front-line. Crunchy guitars, ghostly pianos and epic string sections followed and quickly formed a sound that began a buzz, not only in his home town, but across the globe. Jared's dream of a crisp new brand of Canadian pop had come together. Soon a network of like-minded musicians, promoters and fans gelled around this exciting new art form. After being captured by tracks like "Follow" and "You Talk of Angels", few would guess that Jared had composed, arranged, performed and produced all of the songs on the LunarTheory recordings. He knew that in order to get the sound he wanted, there was no room for compromise. While challenging, the course was obvious... he would have to record most of his ideas on his own. Creating and recording original sounds and styles has always been the fuel that makes Jared Robinson tick. His expanding base of loving new fans, as well as the old, has proved to be an affirmation of Jared's unquenchable quest for new sonic and rhythmic experiences, allowing him to press forward. Since the beginning of Jared’s solo career in music, he has been nominated for an award in graphic design, recognized for his compositions in independent films and television as well as receiving “honorable mention” in the top ten finalists (out of 15,000 submissions) for the nation-wide “Hockey Night in Canada Anthem Challenge”. Jared will also be composing the theme for the Saskatchewan Games starting in 2010. Music has always been and will continue to be the driving force in his life.