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"What's in your iPod?"

On first glance, Lunavelis, a four-man group based in Cleveland, may resemble the typical high school/college band. One listen to the 11 songs on their debut album "Airplane," which launched in March, demonstrates talented musicianship and surprisingly catchy choruses. The band has described its music as "lush, rich, biting, progressive rock." Genre classifications are of little concern to band members Chris Feran (lead vocals, guitar), Kyle Napierkowski (bass), Richie Flores (keys) and Ben Kubit (drums). Lunavelis' motto is "love / rock, for the good of the order" and their passion for the craft shines through on stage and on the album, especially in songs like "The Burden" and "Romeo Had a Daydream." The band may be young but if their debut release is any indication, Lunavelis is a band on the rise.
- Erie Times-News

"Local Spotlight: Lunavelis"

For all intents and purposes, Lunavelis is a one-man show for singer-songwriter-visionary Chris Feran (son of The Plain Dealer's Tom Feran). The upside is when the alternative prog-rock act shines, the 2005 St. Ignatius High School grad gets all of the credit. Take for instance the album's best -- and most focused -- song "Romeo Had a Daydream," which seemingly could have been released in the pre-Nirvana underground rock world of the early '90s. The somberly layered material perfectly matches Feran's desperate, yearning vocals. However, other tracks, while not obtuse, often fail to reach the intended anthemic quality. Such is the case with the melancholic "She Puts Sugar in Her Tea," which unfortunately drones on with time. Still, you have to hand it to Feran for undertaking the convoluted task that is creating a prog-rock atmosphere. Musically, "Airplane" is sound, with Feran and Lunavelis bound to reach greater heights with future excursions. - Cleveland Plain Dealer

""Pure Deliciousness""

Lunavelis catalyst Chris Feran mentions progressive rock upon occasion when describing the swelling, synth-based alt-pop that his moniker plays. Though it is certainly
“[l]ush, rich and biting,” the progressive part of his description appears in ethos only. His tuneful, affecting pop approach – combined with a liberal use of keyboards and digital instrumentation – has little if any tie to the grand offbeat time signatures or avant garde sound of King Crimson and their ilk. Rather, Feran reveals a little-seen chasm between the poshness of New Romantic and synth-pop/New Wave styles and the muscular Franz Ferdinand, the Bravery, the Killers, etc., you hear on today’s modern rock stations. Decorated with shades of melancholy and alt-dance/disco, Lunavelis’s full-length debut Airplane is a spry, sprightly treat straight from a darker heart.

The other thing to remember about Lunavelis, is that while Kyle Napierkowski (bass), Richie Flores (keys), and Ben Kubit (drums) help carry the Lunavelis flag across the country in a live setting, what you hear on this disc is strictly a Trent Reznor, DIY-driven affair performed by one college guy. Guitar, bass, keys, drums. Everything you hear is a Feran creation; if he is capable of the carrying on with this a level of sonic awareness and grand, far-reaching sentiments, he, like Reznor, will be successful in nearly every project he takes on. With a sound that often floods the ears as much as the emotional gutters, Feran delivers an 11-cut slate of pure deliciousness.
From the angular rock found in “Libertine” to the Depeche Mode-inspired leadoff “Sing,” to the wistful ballads “She Puts Sugar in Her Tea,” to pure modern rock classics like “Romeo Had a Daydream” and “Introducing Juliet,” Airplane is but the opening salvo from a musician who shows a great deal of promise.
- CoolCleveland


"...Despite the band members' young appearances, the first opening band, Lunavelis, looked and sounded like natural musicians. They all had a comfortable and unassuming stage presence, and their set was excellent."

June 10, 2007 - Cleveland Free Times

"Ten Bands To Watch In 2008"

Lunavelis calls itself an "alternative art rock band," whatever that means. Even more perplexing, its My Space page describes it as "if Harry Potter traded his wand for a synthesizer." But the band's not really as fey and precious as that sounds. Formed by guitarist-vocalist-songwriter Chris Feran as a showcase for his tunes, and comprising bassist Kyle Napierkowski, keyboardist Richie Flores and drummer Ben Kubit, Lunavelis recalls the anthemic, emotionally fraught college rock of the early- and mid-'90s with generous dabs of modern Britpop: it's complicated pop for the young and the serious, recalling a range of bands from the Gin Blossoms to Muse. Feran's got one of those boyishly incere voices college girls love, and following the release of its debut disc, Airplane, in March on Feran's and Napierkowski's own Arp Media label, the band focused, appropriately, on getting college-radio airplay on such stations as John Carroll University's WJCU- FM. The disc is full of impatient, surging songs that fill out their perfect pop skins and seem about to bust their seams, crackling with energy and an urgency that's nicely balanced with more ballad-like songs such as "The Burden" that slowly ratchet up the intensity. The band has since released a four-track Internet EP called Coventry that features a zesty gale-blast of a title track driven by joyous swells of synths. The band says that's indicative of the direction it's moving; says Napierkowski, "We're trying to make it a little more accessible and high energy with more synth leads and layers. We want people dancing to it." - AP - The Cleveland Free Times


Coventry EP - released 2007 Arp Media
* Songs from Coventry EP receiving radio airplay: Coventry, 10,000 Miles, Runway Runaway, Weaker

Airplane - released 2007 Arp Media
* Songs from Airplane receiving radio airplay: Sing (Radio Edit), The Burden, Romeo Had a Daydream, Introducing Juliet, Libertine



"I'm not exactly sure what I was thinking", remarks Lunavelis front-man Chris Feran on writing the band's first song. "I'm pretty sure I hadn't slept since Reagan was president, and drank way too much coffee. Writing songs seemed a good way to pass the time."

Two years later, joined by dynamic bassist Kyle Napierkowski, 'the Doctor' Richie Flores on keys, and Ben Kubit on drums, Chris--at the ripe young age of 20--presents his energetic, "caffeine-influenced" brand of synth-laden pop-rock to live audiences across the Midwest. The college-age quartet has experience beyond its years, including sharing the stage with Victory Records artist Spitalfield and Grammy-award winners OK Go. Always gracious and grateful, the band sticks around after their set to share hugs and small talk with their fans. "Hugs are a way to show you care--we care, so we hug!" the group declares. "Besides," adds Chris, "a wise friend of mine always used to say: 'Handshakes are for strangers, hugs are for friends'. Anyone who takes the time to get to know us through our music is a friend of ours."

So what's in store for Lunavelis, the most gracious band in rock 'n roll? Chris answers with a smirk, in a manner apropos to his sarcastic sense of humour, "Well, by this point I think I haven't slept in about a thousand years, and I still drink way too much coffee. So I guess that means I'll just have to keep making music. Who knows...maybe we'll get to play SXSW or something. We're not disappearing anytime soon."