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"The Local Beat"

Lunch Money artfully treads the line between alt-kids and just plain alternative - with lots of parents on the fan wagon as well. Kids go for the lyrics about things like roller coasters and tricycles, but singer Molly Ledford could make just about anything sound good.
Play Points: 5 - Upbeat and hummable - Nick Jr. Family Magazine

"They've Got the Beat"

Molly Ledford named her band Lunch Money after "the spirit of independence" she recalls as a young schoolkid "with those precious crumpled dollars in your sock." The South Carolina-based trio has a pleasing acoustic sound with Ledford's delightful voice on lead vocals. The band's debut CD Silly Reflection is filled with songs that wistful parents can also enjoy - tales of an old hand-me-down tricycle (in "Tricycle"); and, in "I Want a Dog," "I want a dog, I want a dog, I would name him Alfredo. My mother says how about a pet rock that you do't have to feed or walk." "Caboose" is a finger-snappin' Rickie Lee/Norah Jones-ish tune. Love the retro CD cover of an old 45 on the turntable. - New York Post

"Lunch Money: Silly Reflection"

(K - Gr 2) Singer/songwriter Molly Ledford has created a collection of ten original songs. While she has produced music for adults with the band The Verna Cannon, this is her first recording for children. The songs cover a range of topics that would appeal to children including tricycles, roller coasters and umbrellas. Ledford provides the lead vocals and is accompanied by drums, guitar, banjo, harmonica, trumpet, trombone, backup vocalists and more. While not intended to be educational, the fun and whimsical songs touch on everyday life. For example, "Tricycle" includes the lyrics "On a bicycle you don't know how to stop. You have to ride into the grass and tip right over, but my tricycle will never let me down." The lively "Yes, We Have Rhythm" will have kids clapping and jiving along. The set concludes with a lovely bedtime song, "Nightlights," that includes the lyrics: "Now that the nightlights of the world are coming on, the moon, the fireflies and stars, and white flowers in the park are glowing, so it must be time for going on to sleep." A suitable additional purchase for public libraries. - School Library Journal

"You Say It's Your Birthday? Um, Well, Here's CD?"

Lunch Money: Silly Reflection
This was my favorite kids' album of 2005 (OK, it technically came out in 2004, but who's counting?), and in our house, we're eagerly awaiting Lunch Money's next project. This three-piece band, which includes two members of the indie South Carolina band The Verna Cannon, plays melodic and playful pop with a light touch (think Luna with more pep) with a clear and expressive singer in Molly Ledford. The lyrics reveal a recognition of what catches kids' attention - the speed of bank drive-through pneumatic tubes ("Tricycle"), everyday rhythm (tennis and slapping mosquitos in "Yes, We Have Rhythm") and the appeal of little things ("Miniature Things"). In short, the songs are great for kids without being childish. When people ask me what kids' music I recommend besides the "big names," this is invariably my first answer. Hopefully, Lunch Money will be a big name soon, and you can say you knew about them back when. - Valley Kids (Greenfield, Massachusetts)


Silly Reflection (released December 2004)
Dizzy (released January 2009)



In the late 90's, an almost comically morose indie pop group called The Verna Cannon (Cargo/Headhunter) once performed for an audience of 7-year olds. Surprised and a little perplexed by the rather melancholy concert, one little boy earnestly remarked, "Your music makes me sleepy." And while the band got many an appreciative chuckle over the comment, singer/guitarist Molly Ledford also walked away thinking she would like to play for children again with a new band project directed at a younger audience. In 2003, Molly enlisted fellow Verna Cannon bandmate Jay Barry (snare) and multi-instrumentalist JP Stephens (bass, mandolin, harmonica) to form Lunch Money. Focusing her writing, which had been described as "full of memories left in a shoebox in the dusty corners of your brain" (, on the stuff of childhood, Molly soon accumulated a new catalog of songs about such things as wishing for a pet dog, getting up the nerve to ride a roller coaster, and twirling around in rain and sun beneath an umbrella. Both of the band's CDs have been warmly received by children's radio shows and music writers. Lunch Money delivers a high-energy show that aims to get children and their parents dancing, thinking and laughing.

Lunch Money's venues have included:
The New York Public Library
The Philadelphia Zoo
World Cafe Live (Philadelphia, PA)
Jammin' Java (Vienna, VA)
ImaginOn (Charlotte, NC)
Summer on Southport Festival (Chicago, IL)

Great Moments in Lunch Money History:

April 2005 - Silly Reflection named Album of the Month by The Playground Radio Show (WERS FM Boston)

May 2005 - Silly Reflection carried by The Land of Nod (children's furniture and toy store affiliate of Crate and Barrel)

Summer 2005 - Album track "Caboose" reached #2 on the XM Kids Chart (XM Satellite Radio) and remained in the top 13 for 18 weeks

October 2005 - Silly Reflection received top rating (5 points) from Nick Jr. Family Magazine

December 2005 - Lunch Money named Favorite Band of the Year by Bill Childs, co-host of Spare the Rock, Spoil the Child (

July 2007 - Lunch Money recorded a Rumpus Room concert for XM Kids at the XM Satellite Radio studios in Washington, DC

August 2007 - Lunch Money was featured in Charlotte, NC's Tricycle Music Fest along with other children's music favorites The Jellydots and Dan Zanes and Friends

Fall 2008 - Silly Reflection recommended in the family issue of Real Simple magazine

January 2009 - Lunch Money released new CD entitled Dizzy

March 2009 - Dizzy was reviewed on NPR's "All Things Considered," and suddenly many more people knew about Lunch Money. Dizzy became the #1 children's album on iTunes for the weekend.

March & April 2009 - "It Only Takes One Night to Make a Balloon Your Friend" becomes the #1 song on XM/Sirius satellite radio's channel 116 (Kids Place Live)