Lund Bros.

Lund Bros.


Lund Bros. brings rock back to its roots: guitar, bass, drums and lots and lots of harmonies. Rock was meant to be organic and that's how the Lund Bros. do it.


When most bands start out, they book a gig at the local watering hole and give it a go. When the Lund Bros. formed as a band in early 2005, their first gig was at the legendary Knitting Factory in Hollywood, CA. Big deal, right? Well, to the Lund Bros., it was: they're from Seattle, WA. So what did that mean? Two words: ROAD TRIP.

Unfortunately, there are no tales of flat tires or deranged hitchhikers or bad Mexican food of which to speak. Instead, each member flew down to Hollywood separately and without incident.

What happened at the Knitting Factory showed that Lund Bros. were, in fact, ready for prime time. Playing as part of the International Pop Overthrow (no relation) Music Festival, Lund Bros. broke out the catchy pop tunes that have garnered them attention from all over the globe. The all-ages crowd showed their appreciation for the Lund Bros. style of rock and roll with cheers and applause.

Well, not really.

Yes, there was applause, and yes, there was an all-ages crowd. Yes, Lund Bros. played well and demonstrated their abilities. But, in actuality, the most excitement generated that night wasn't from any band, but from a band's frontman's father. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you, Michael Keaton!

But, I digress.

From that start at the Knitting Factory, Lund Bros. have played many of Seattle's finest clubs, including the Crocodile Cafe, Sunset Tavern, High Dive, Rendezvous, Mars Bar, Jazzbones, Bob's Java Jive, and the Jet Deck, among others. Their ability to blend harmonies, melodies and still rock have earned them a loyal following in the Pacific Northwest.

If you're a fan of the Beatles, the Posies, Cheap Trick, Queen, Badfinger and the like, you owe it to yourself to check out the Lund Bros.


Loser - Loser
International Pop Overthrow - International Pop Overthrow
Lund Bros. - Tangents (Double CD)

Set List

Our typical set runs 45 minutes to an hour, though we have played for over two hours before. We keep stage banter to a minimum and will run songs down pretty quickly. Each song is anywhere from 2:30 to 4:00, so they're pretty short and sweet. Both Sean and Chris sing lead vocals so they will trade off between songs.

From the three releases, we can do about 35 songs. Some of the songs include:

New Horizons
Movin' On
The God of Rock and Roll
Hide Away Today
The Lesson
Pretty Pity
Come On
Tonight's Not Right
Enjoy The Fire
Cain and Abel
In My Hands
Pain Inside
It's Only Me
Protest Song
Come to Life
I'll Remember
Melancholy 31
No Matter What (cover song)