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The best kept secret in music


"Unforgettable pop!"

Heap the superlatives on this ultra-cool, unusual gathering of 2 CD's worth of consistently bewitching and unforgettable pop! The Lund Bros. were in two very important and favorite bands for Not Lamers to be aware of, Loser (whose one album does The Posies better than The Posies, it's that good) and International Pop Overthrow (the band, not the festival). Well-rounded, hook-driven and heavenly layered vocals explode in every corner of each song. What does it sound like beyond enthralling? All the very best of anthemic classic Cheap Trick, Fuzzbubble, The Tories, The Argument, classic Splitsville. It's that great! The Lund Bros. are an over-supply of talent, folks with huge songwriting smarts, colorful, catchy hooks, full-tilting melodies and suitcases of happy, memorable, repeat-worthy pop hooks at every turn. What's incredible value with 2 CD's at the price of one! Support such vision! Extremely Highly Recommended! -

"Brothers in Arms"

By now most of you have probably made the connection that I am in fact Matt Driscoll’s little sister. For those of you who know him, or have read his column in the Weekly Volcano on regular basis, know that he has a wicked sense of humor. Growing up, this was painful. I was younger, and notoriously more impressionable naturally taking the grunt of his sick humor. He’s only gotten better, or worse depending on what side you’re on, over the years, but luckily we’ve found common ground.

It may seem strange that I would follow in the same footsteps as my older brother but Tacoma is no stranger to sibling duos. Actually as of lately this town has run rampant with brotherhood camaraderie. Lino and Reylan Fernandez of The Degrees, Andrew and Kevin Day in Top Heavy Crush, not to mention Glimpse and Come Down Heaven have all made their mark on the local scene. Maybe there was something in the water, maybe it was something they were fed as babies, but their parents did one thing right.

Another Tacoma partnership between brothers you’ve probably heard of is Chris and Sean Lund. They’ve been playing music together for a number of years in various bands including International Pop Overthrow a couple of years back. Unhappy with the chemistry in IPO they went on a rock hiatus for a while but still played acoustically in coffee shops and music festivals.

“We were just burnt out from everything. The chemistry wasn’t right,” Chris Lund explained.

Judging from their first release since the break, Tangents, it was exactly what the doctor ordered. With songs like “Torn in 2” and “Accident”, The Lund Bros. have plugged back in and are ready to rock. The album still has the warm, feel good tunes you’ve come to expect from the duo but there is a solid rock edge thrown into the mix.

While the album was recorded and written without him, Gwon Chang now plays bass for the band. After only a handful of practices and gigs it is obvious that he blends into the rhythm section perfectly. The chemistry Chris and Sean were after is vividly apparent both on stage and off. Gwon is a very personable chap and brings more than just his groove to the forefront of the band.

“He [Gwon] is really persistent when it comes to booking shows and the promotional side of things.” Chris Lund explained.

Things are certainly looking up for the band. They’re getting regular play on KEXP and most importantly their feeling rejuvenated. They’ve been playing shows in support of Tangents and concentrating on booking shows with bands that fit their style.

“We don’t want to play shows with metal bands anymore. We really want to book shows that have the right feel to them.”

You’ll have a chance to see The Lund Bros. and their newfound exuberance this Wednesday, Sept 7 at Jazzbones. The Jude Dugan band will open the all ages show that starts at 8pm and doesn’t cost a dime.

If you would like more information on The Lund Bros., they’re on MySpace or check out - Weekly Volcano


Loser - Loser
International Pop Overthrow - International Pop Overthrow
Lund Bros. - Tangents (Double CD)


Feeling a bit camera shy


When most bands start out, they book a gig at the local watering hole and give it a go. When the Lund Bros. formed as a band in early 2005, their first gig was at the legendary Knitting Factory in Hollywood, CA. Big deal, right? Well, to the Lund Bros., it was: they're from Seattle, WA. So what did that mean? Two words: ROAD TRIP.

Unfortunately, there are no tales of flat tires or deranged hitchhikers or bad Mexican food of which to speak. Instead, each member flew down to Hollywood separately and without incident.

What happened at the Knitting Factory showed that Lund Bros. were, in fact, ready for prime time. Playing as part of the International Pop Overthrow (no relation) Music Festival, Lund Bros. broke out the catchy pop tunes that have garnered them attention from all over the globe. The all-ages crowd showed their appreciation for the Lund Bros. style of rock and roll with cheers and applause.

Well, not really.

Yes, there was applause, and yes, there was an all-ages crowd. Yes, Lund Bros. played well and demonstrated their abilities. But, in actuality, the most excitement generated that night wasn't from any band, but from a band's frontman's father. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you, Michael Keaton!

But, I digress.

From that start at the Knitting Factory, Lund Bros. have played many of Seattle's finest clubs, including the Crocodile Cafe, Sunset Tavern, High Dive, Rendezvous, Mars Bar, Jazzbones, Bob's Java Jive, and the Jet Deck, among others. Their ability to blend harmonies, melodies and still rock have earned them a loyal following in the Pacific Northwest.

If you're a fan of the Beatles, the Posies, Cheap Trick, Queen, Badfinger and the like, you owe it to yourself to check out the Lund Bros.