Lung Puma! Animal Skulls

Lung Puma! Animal Skulls


Lung Puma is an eccentric instrumental psychedelic fusion group formed in 2008. Their unique blend of math rock, grindcore and post rock give them a sound that is simultaneously epic, funny, dark and edgy. Their energy and high level of musicianship make them an impressive live act.


LPAS spawned out of a mutual love of the Mars Volta and marijuana between drummer Fraser Wright and guitarist Findlay Sontag. The two had been friends and active musicians for years but had never pursued a project together in lieu of clashing musical tastes. It wasn't until they both started taking interest in the progressive sounds of The Volta, Battles, Don Caballero, and a slew of others that they decided to try. In winter 2008 they started Jamming with Life After's Zak King and long time friend Tom Gunvordahl.
Progress was initially slow for the group as they had very little idea of exactly what sort of music they wanted to make. It took them six months to write their first song, but they persevered through the confusion and uncertainty in hopes that things would become more cohesive as they grew together. A year and a half later, they released their first album. In the years that followed, Lung Puma developed a cult following in the Calgary fusion alt rock scene, playing only select events and doing very little self promotion so to remain shrouded in mystery. They are currently mixing their upcoming second album which is set for release this fall.


Catfish Marmalade 2009 - LP
Caves 2010 - EP