Lupe Garu

Lupe Garu

 Coopersburg, Pennsylvania, USA

Lupe Garu dubbed " the shape shifters of modern rock " brings their brand of new age explosive original progressive rock to the stage, all while keeping their musical influences alive doing justice to some of the best rock & blues greats !


Lupe Garu brings their brand of new age progressive rock jam to the stage ! Multiple vocalists, progressive improv jams & strong song writing has dubbed them the tittle "The shape shifters of modern rock" by Iron Butterflys Larry Rust ! Lupe Garu has a strong repertoire of original songs that are featured on their two original CD releases, their first release properly named "First bite" with the single "Come to see me fall" won Grand prize in the Relix magazine 2013 JamOff songwriting competition ! Over 100,000 copies of the song were distributed on Relix legendary cd sampler ! Relix has also featured Lupe Garu in the Relix June 2013 issue " Bands on the rise ". Lupe Garus second CD release " Aged in wood " goes a little deeper into the bands song writing ability & continues to do well on various internet radio station also picking up a handfull of awards from various stations as well . Lupe Garu & its members have opened & shared the stage with many great acts like
Melvin Seals the Jerry Garcia band
Moist Boyz (featuring Dean Ween from Ween)
Little feat
Mike Dugan the Blues Mission
Red Elvises
Professor Louie the Crowmatix
Splintered Sunlight
Will Lee
Tod Wolfe
Dirk Quinn band
Eric Martin
Boheimian sunrise
Many more !! Lupe Garu shows are a shape shifting journey through many music genre's, fusing classic songs w/modern jam rock originals, you never know where your gonna land @ a Lupe Garu jam !


Evil Magic of the Moon

Written By: Adam Adamczyk,Ahmil Jilani,Ernie Marshall

Verse 1
The lone wolf howls as she passes through the sky
To hear the response of another's lonely cry
Her pale beauty naked as she goes by my eye
With the power to move the oceans as she slowly passes by

The lovely goddess of the dark and empty sky
The lovely goddess of the dark and empty sky

Verse 2
The sun is shining, but not for me
Is is not the sun that I long to see
A beauty so rare it fathoms the sea
O lovely goddess will you come to me

Verse 3
Her realm is heaven, far beyond by reach
I call out her name, but she doesn't hear my speech.
I long to hold her, hold her 'til death
This lovely goddess, we lone wolves know her best.