Lupine Bell

Lupine Bell


Born out of frustration and unbridled fascination, Lupine Bell was formed in the summer of 2011 with 3 members of various other projects of years gone by. They now exist to play pop music loud and sad.


Lupine Bell met, like most bands outside of the big English cities, by all playing in various projects around the same venues and areas, and then through the gradual network of mutual friends and acquaintanceships this elicits. All three shared a commitment and musical belief in common, often frustratingly not easily found amongst smaller town musicians.

Lupine Bell formed in the summer of 2011 with a passionate belief that pop music could provide the space for our own expansion and justified incorporation of their own varying artistic influences (such as The Smiths, Teenage Fanclub and Saves The Day), twinned with their full commitment to the realisation of the project.

They announced an introduction via a small string of shows around the East Midlands/Bucks area to an extremely encouraging audience response. They then spent the back end of 2011 and the front end of 2012 getting themselves prepared to enter the studio and make their recording debut, in the shape of a five song E.P. The story up to here, then, will have to serve merely as a short introductory fragment to what we strongly believe will be a long and fruitful story.


2012 - Self Titled EP