Lure is a rock and roll band. We're even better than we think we are.


Originally formed as a recording project in Ottawa's frosty Attic Recording Studios, LURE has morphed into a full-on, hard working organism to be reckoned with. Drawing inspiration from groups such as Ween, the Rheostatics, King Cobb Steelie, Balls Falls, umm... maybe some Pink Floyd, and a touch of 70s funk for good measure, LURE has done what every other band always claims to do: yup, you guessed it - they’ve created a sound all their own, and its catchy as hell.

Together since late winter 2004, LURE has gained the attention of the Ottawa music community with its energetic live show and their 7 song EP. "it is what it is" highlights LURE’s notoriously contagious "up"-vibe and hints at their party-style performance and insatiable hunger to one-up themselves. All recordings aside, you have to see this band live.


Hold On To Your Bricks

Written By: D. Gaudet, D. Watson

These are the days that we turn a blind eye
To keep from smashing head-on
Into a world of mistakes that we're building up
Brick by brick by brick.

It's a shame that you're in this situation
I know what the feeling's like.
On your face I can see the frustration
Hold on, hold on.

Hot Sauce

Written By: D. Gaudet

Hot sauce stuck in my moustache
Hot sauce stuck in my 'stache


tba - full length (2007)
Hot Sauce/Bricks - double-A-side (2006)
It Is What It Is - EP (2005)
s/t - EP (2004)

Set List

Typically we play tight 35-45min sets packed with action, adventure, excitement and, well, you get the point.

We've also got a bunch of psychedellic tunes we can space out on if we need to play long sets or at parties or Marijuana Party conventions. We've even been known to throw in an odd cheeky Ween or Rheostatics cover.

Sometimes our shows involve too many people being brought up on stage or too many band members ending up in the crowd. It's just the way it goes.

We can also do 2 or 3-man acoustic gigs too and have been known to turn up at random open mic nights just to fuck shit up.