Lu Shanti

Lu Shanti

 Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

I have had 15 years of training with a vocal coach from the Conservatory of Music I have been writing music for 30 years.
Some of the music is in video form on youtube under Lu Shanti
Most of the songs you will hear here are solely written by me.
I also do cover songs!


vocal training, play two keyboards at once, a guitar sometimes and an accordian/HaVE played Pridefest Milwaukee in past.Presently have played Mona's in MIlwaukee.and Pridefest.
I AM THE ENTIRE BAND. I record some backup if necessary by myself and play either both keyboards, guitar or an accordian to accompany my vocals.I play a variety of music from artists
like Sting, Adele, Donna Summers, Julia Fordham, Jewel,
Quarterflash, Amy Winehouse, Nora Jones, Lade Antebellum,
Sugarland, and more!


First CD> "Trippin' (in the ethereal layer)"
Second CD< "The Sacred Spiritual Side"

Set List

Originals, Adele, Sting, Vanessa Williams, Madonna, Kellis,
Donna Summers and more