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Missoula, Montana, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | SELF

Missoula, Montana, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2014
Band Electronic Ambient


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos




Through extraction and sampling, lu_shush makes malleable soundbits into full-blown narratives. These ‘scapes are potent nostalgia set to swelling electronic-based cadence. It is the sound of ambient experience itself. - Sled Island

"Lushush In Person"

Can we ever assume that we know an artist, using their music as a guide? Can we infer things about their personalities, their experiences, or even their origins based on the lyrics they write or the guises they inhabit? Many musicians throughout history have struggled with misconceptions that followed them throughout their career– Bob Dylan loathed interviewers who probed into his backstory, attempting to discredit his mythology. Elliott Smith pretty much never came out from under the dour cloud his music cast, and was often assumed to have never had a happy day in his life despite personal testimony to the contrary. But maybe it isn’t such a jump, to draw a connection between the kind of music someone makes, and the kind of person they must be.

In a 2012 interview with Pitchfork, Toronto avant popster Grimes had something exceedingly interesting to say about minimalistic music. “Minimalism is really interesting because it comes down so much to just the general tone and personality of the person writing the music because it’s so open and exposed,” she said. “You look at something like Erik Satie, and a million people are writing really simple piano songs and for some reason his music is more resonant than anything else, and it really just has to do with him being probably extremely emotionally intelligent.”

As it relates to the In Person EP, Claire Boucher’s quote might allow us to believe that Missoula, Montana’s Lu_Shush is one emotionally intelligent dude. Lu_Shush, despite living divorced from anywhere that might be described as a cultural hotbed in 2014, makes a brand of minimalistic computer beat music that will ring as immediately familiar to our LA audience. While he mines the same glitchy, sample-heavy, smeared aesthetic as artists like Teebs, Dntel, and early Baths, Lu_Shush’s music manages to achieve emotional resonance throughout its 25-minute runtime.

Using what sound like meager tools (lots of guitar, apparently household percussion, analog clicks, and a host of effects and field recordings), Lu_Shush creates complete, constantly shifting works reach heights that some of his more popular contemporaries never attempt. Although other reviewers will no doubt extend the beat-based comparisons noted here before, tracks like “Who Do You Think About When You Die” come closer to the expansive, starry-eyed tumble of Explosions In The Sky or Airhead.

Shlohmo’s seminal Bad Vibes serves as perhaps the best reference point, however. The sound of cars passing on the freeway, swinging rhythms, and extensive use of reverb all make for an always-welcome listen. Even if we can’t connect personally with Lu_Shush, the music comes just far enough to bridge the emotional gap. - Speakvolumesmedia

"Lushush in person"

"Lu_Shush is a 20 year old electronic musician/producer from Missoula, MT. He recently performed at Sled Island Music Festival, and they had this to say about him: 'Through extraction and sampling, lu_shush makes malleable soundbits into full-blown narratives. These 'scapes are potent nostalgia set to swelling electronic-based cadence. It is the sound of ambient experience itself'." (Words from Moonswing FB page)

Foreste umide e il ritmo disordinato di passi zoppicanti. Accendono la notte foglie elettrizzate da minuscole gocce-led. Una dolcezza crepuscolare lecca la linfa di una solitudine assecondata. Filtri che comprimono, allargano, stropicciano e pizzicano i sensi. Mary che sposta oggetti in cucina, trascurando innocui campanelli. Si cambia d'abito per ogni nuova sensazione, salendo in piedi sulla sedia per raggiungere il canto dei passeri proveniente dagli alberi disegnati sul soffitto. Il suono esatto per una notte madida di un'estate che ha esaurito il libretto dei permessi. Un lungo rettilineo percorso ai 75 bpm ed un suono che ti perfora l'anima, così, all'improvviso (Reminds Me of You). Perchè? Perchè non prosegue? Un orgasmo interrotto volontariamente. Questo è un atto di sadismo da parte di Lu_shush. E sono certo che ne è consapevole. Tutto scorre lentamente, in un'intimità elettronica aderente che si mantiene a galla su ritmiche tribal-casalinghe. Lu_shush non scherza, mantiene una misteriosa riservatezza, dedicandosi a registrare piccole perle elettroniche di rara sensibilità. Senza dubbio una delle più piacevoli sorprese musicali del 2014. - netmusic


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