L'usine/Jeff McIlwain

L'usine/Jeff McIlwain


LUSINE is the brainchild of Jeff McIlwain, and is the moniker for his visceral, melodic vision of abstract electronic music. He has recorded for labels such as !K7/MAS, Hymen and Delikatessen, all aside from his prolific output for pioneering American IDM label Isophlux.


Originally a Texas native, he recently moved to Seattle from Los Angeles. In 1998, he attended Calarts to study 20th century electronic music and sound design for music and film. He was highly influenced by his fellow artists and collaborators and was able to develop his varied sound partly out of his experiences there. He has performed around the US and abroad and has new album on the way in September titled "Serial Hodgepodge".

Aside from various dance music and rock music influences, some of his mainstays include artists such as Atom Heart, Aphex Twin, Susumu Yokota, Benge, Speedy J, Autechre, Amon Tobin, Reload, Luke Vibert, Fennesz, Pete Namlook, Locust/Mark Van Hoen, Seefeel and acoustic electronic producers such as Fridge, Fourtet, and Languis.

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Flat Remixes(2004 Ghostly)
Push EP(2003 Ghostly)
Condensed LP- compilation of singles (2003 Hymen)
Chao EP (2003 Mental Ind.)
Awkward Silence split 7" (2002 Awkward Silence)
Iron City LP (2002 Hymen)
Sustain 10" (2002 Delikatessen)
Coalition LP- live CD (2001 U-Cover)
Slipthrough EP (2001 Hymen)
Surface EP (2001 Isophlux)
Zealectronic Blue 7" (2001 Zeal)
Freak EP (2001 Hymen)
A Pseudo Steady State LP (2000 U-Cover)
Coded EP (2000 Isophlux)
L'usine LP (1999 Isophlux)

Set List

Usually a combination of 4 floor and experimental dance music for events such as this. 45 minutes to 1 hour.