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Exclusive Interview

Tell us about where you are from and how you got to this position today.
I was born in Santa Maria, California, and raised in the small town of Abilene, Texas. After spending most of my younger years in Abilene, we picked up and moved to Arlington for my senior year of high school. I moved around a lot as a kid, but I’ve now found my place in Dallas.

Tell us more about the current song you are promoting to everyone.
Well, currently, I am promoting my single, “Turbo,” off the Oogie Wop vol. 1 mixtape. My in-house producer, Jon X, sent me a beat that he said I HAD to smash. From the second I turned it on in my studio, all I heard was “turbo”. I knocked it out immediately, and it became the first song/video off my mixtape. Go ahead and check it out on YouTube.

What are you currently working on and what can we expect to see?
My main focus right now is promoting my music from the Oogie Wop vol. 1. I am doing a couple shows a month, opening for artists like Big K.R.I.T. And Z-RO all around the DFW metroplex. I am working on a few more videos for the singles from this mixtape to create more visuals for my fans. At the same time, I am still pumping out songs/beats for the Oogie Wop vol. 2, which you can expect to see in May 2012.

Tell us about one of the hardest challenges you had to face in the industry?
I think the hardest thing about this industry for me is separating business from friends. It’s fun to just sit around in the studio, playing Madden, and making music every once in a while. But now, this is my career choice; My business partner, Kris Pendleton, and I had to create a business plan, set goals, and get a good team around me to make sure that I am the most successful I can be. This is not just something I do for fun anymore; This is my JOB.

What was one of the biggest set backs in your career and how did you bounce back?
I would say one of my biggest set backs was signing a record deal without doing my research. After signing the contract, I read through it thoroughly and realized I was signed for seven years. The contract was not being fully honored by the owner of the label, so we had a meeting, and he actually allowed me to opt out of the contract. That is another reason I have to make sure I have a good team around me. Whatever I can’t do, I know my team got my back.

What are some things artists need to be careful of?
I would say artists entering the game need to read EVERYTHING they sign. If you don’t understand something, get an entertainment lawyer to read through it with you. This business is crooked and if you don’t know it from the inside out, you could be signing your life away. Everything you have ever dreamed about and worked hard for could be gone, just like that.

What suggestions do you have for other artists like yourself?
Never get discouraged, man. This industry can be cold sometimes, so make sure you keep working and stay true to yourself. Collaborate with other artists coming up, network, but most importantly just do you.

What are the best ways to sell your products as an artist?
Internet and social networking sites run everything now a days. Sites like Twitter and Facebook help to gain a buzz, but putting my music on iTunes, Rhapsody, and my own website is where I sell my music. But you can’t forget that hitting the streets and grinding is a good way to sell your music AND interact with potential fans.

What is one of your favorite ways to promote yourself and your music?
The internet is only ONE way to promote yourself. I like to go out and interact with the community. Performing at clubs, opening for well known artists, collaborating with other artists/producers all over the nation, and networking with clothing lines and club promoters all help to spread the word about my music. The goal is to reach the biggest audience you can. It’s not about WHAT you know; It’s about WHO you know.

Where can people visit you?
In a city near you!

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- WWS Magazine


Straight Drop - 2009
Oogie Wop Vol.1 - 2011
The Flood - 2013



Lucious Norien Sloan was born June 27, 1983 in Santa Maria, CA. Better known by his stage name, Lu Sloan, he is a rapper and producer that uses his own creative lyrics to blend soulful hip-hop and pop genres. Lu Sloan’s music consists of combinations of rhymes and lyrical antidotes fueled by his own trials and tribulations. His musical influences are wide-ranging, including Michael Jackson, James Brown, Snoop Dogg, U.G.K. and most importantly, his father, a musician and entertainer. Lucious didn’t have it easy growing up being shuffled between his single mother and grandparents. At the age of 9 his mother married a military man and the family soon relocated to Abilene, TX. This was not an easy move, being away from his father and paternal grandparents on the West Coast. This gave rise to Lu Sloan channeling his frustrations and angers into poems and lyrics. He expressed these rhymes through the halls of Abilene’s Cooper High School, as well as at many local talent shows throughout the city with fellow aspiring lyricist Lamonte Harris, better known as Ace Mitch.
The summer before his junior year of high school, his stepfather received relocation orders to Sheppard Air Force Base in Wichita Falls, TX. Lucious then began attending Hershey High School where he starred in football, and also made a connection with Richard Escobedo.Escobedo sparked his interest in production, recording and creative control over his music. Richard later became known as Picnic with PicnicTyme Productions.
Lucious was unable to stay settled in Wichita Falls due to conflict with his stepfather. Consequently, he, his mother, sisters and brother, relocated to Arlington, TX, where he attended Arlington high school. Lucious dedicated most of his time to football, where he was a star running back. He graduated in 2002, and wanted go to college in California where his father and grandmother could watch him play football. So, he was walk-on for the Allan Hancock Junior College football team. In the midst of his first season, a catastrophe hit that would change his life forever. Lucious was shot four times, and the fifth bullet meant for him would take the life of his father. He has never overcome the tragic loss of his father, but continues to cope, using the event to shape his unique sound.
Lu Sloan moved back to Dallas to be closer to his family and help his mother. There, he honed his craft performing around town, opening up for artists such as Rick Ross, Lil’ Flip, and others. His friend, Kris Pendleton, always wanted to help Lu Sloan achieve his dream and success in the music business. Together, they established their own independent record label, Bang Bang Music Group, in the beginning of 2011.
Currently, Lu Sloan is working on his first EP album that consist of features by his cousin, Trill Real, and many more. Stay tuned for the highly anticipated EP and other major moves from Bang Bang Music Group.