Lust Boys

Lust Boys

 Victoria, British Columbia, CAN


Lust Boys is an amalgamation of current and classic rock n roll.
Ranging from the sonic assaults of more punk induced bands of the 60's and 70's, combined with the rich and colorful soundscapes created by the excessive 80's, all the while retaining the truthful and emotionally driven story telling and guitar work of the first blues musicians, Lus Boys leave no influence in the shadows and continue to learn and grow with newer musical talents of the present decade.

Lus Boys is four individuals dedicated to the musical discovery of life and the fruits it bares in all walks and roads of it.

Coming from many different backgrounds and drawn together to create memorable rock n roll.

Set List

Leather and Boots
Hard On Love
Rock Your Body
The Open Road
Rest In Pieces
White Trash Superstar
Fire Woman
Pass The Jack