Chicago, Illinois, USA

We are a touring indie rock band, and we call Chicago, IL "Home". Of late, our music has been licensed repeatedly for MTV, ESPN, and CW Network. We're touring our latest release "Run From Dogs", which was done with Neil Strauch/Engine Studios(Iron & Wine,Gomez,Bonnie "Prince" Billy)


Spending the better part of a year on the road teaches you a thing or two. Chicago rock-indie-pop-younameit trio Luster wishes to share the following:
• Get a vehicle that you can live in.
• Keep in contact with everyone you meet.
• Life is pretty much the same wherever you are.
• When you're at the bottom, things can only get better.
• There's freedom in having little.
Earlier this year, following the release of what is soon to be your new favorite album, Run From Dogs, the band decided to take it on the road. They quit their jobs, bought an RV and spent far too much time staring at maps. Their mission? To perform for as many people as possible, to share their music in cities all across the country, to build a career one venue at a time.
You see, Luster’s been there and done that…and they’re not afraid to do it some more. They’ve written and recorded everywhere from a flooding basement to one of the top studios in Nashville or Chicago. They’ve gone from engineering their own early material to working with Greg Calbi (John Lennon, MGMT) for the mastering of Run From Dogs.
At its heart, Luster is two brothers, Jeremy (lead vocals, bass) and Bryan Mederich (drums). The two write all of the band’s music and lyrics and record most of the instrumentation. With an eye to the future, the two view their biggest strength as songwriters as something called “potential.” The brothers find inspiration in continuing to hone their craft and grow as songwriters, claiming “we have so much more to learn.”
The band also includes guitarist/vocalist Jonathan Brubaker, himself equally committed to living for life on the road and performing for a living. The three are a self-professed group of best friends, always in each other’s company whether on the road or at home.
And yes, it’s true: Luster’s music is difficult to pigeonhole. “We don't fall into any specific genre,” says Jeremy.” Everything comes straight from the heart. You might want to get up and move your feet, sit down and watch, light up a smoke and stare at the floor, or leave and go tell someone how much you love or hate them.”
Luster says they draw inspiration from “anyone who's been able to who's been able to make life a little better for themselves and others, doing what it is they love and do best—musically or otherwise.” If the guys aren’t careful, they’ll soon be inspiring others in the same way.

"Soaring, Killers-raiding-Springsteen arena anthems" -- Illinois Entertaine

"Luster’s got an inviting rock-on-the-indie-side sound; it’s a pleasing listen, and one easily enjoyed. Live, they’ve got a palpable energy, electric and catchy. Their brand-new release, Run From Dogs, has been on my frequently played list since I got it." -- PLAYBACK:stl

"Slick and accessible catchy pop." -- BabySue

"Heartbreaking balladry." -- WindyCityRockr

"LUSTER has the ability to hook you with their catchy melodies and build up a song to a fever pitch.  After a first listen to Run From Dogs, it’s been on heavy rotation since." -- 5scorepachyderm

"They have traversed the country from ocean to ocean promoting a sound they can call their own." -- The Daily Nebraskan

"Heartfelt vocals, modern intellect and the curious optimism of self-discovery through the love of another – all with a hint of glamorous 70s influence." --


luster - Self Titled (2004)
It's All About The Subject EP (2006)
Run From Dogs (2010)

Set List

Capable of: 2 hrs original, 2 hrs covers.

Some originals are:
These Animals
Here Is A Call
High Class Beat
Can't Stop
One Cheap Love Song
Run From Dogs
Showing The World
Sold Out
Laughing, Loving, Living
The Ending

Covers include songs by:
Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
Red Hot Chili Peppers
The Rolling Stones
Neil Diamond
Van Morrison
The Doors
Neil Young
Foo Fighters
and many more....