Lust for GLory

Lust for GLory

 Spokane, Washington, USA

If the Foo Fighters tried to be the White Stripes, and failed- We would totally open for THAT band.


Formed in 2005, Lust for Glory aimed to embody a rough edged, “Lo-Fi� sense of rock and roll. Raw delivery and gritty riffs keep the already jagged sound from ever getting dull, the live performances 'fresh' and gives the listener the sense that they've caught the band with the garage door partially open.

Over it's time, LfG has endured quite few member changes (largely manifesting in a 'Spinal Tap-esque' number of bass players), and currently performs as a trio,

"I don't wanna change your vote, or increase your awareness of anything. I just want you to turn it up. And maybe, if you're driving, you might drive a little faster....."


"The Plastic Life EP" 2008 (self released, iTunes, Spotify)

"Live at Ladds, the self-bootlegged EP" 2009 (self released)

"American Soniscope" 2011 (self released)

"Sound Tower EP" 2012 (self released, iTunes, Spotify, Rhapsody, Amazon)