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Phoenix, Arizona, United States | MAJOR

Phoenix, Arizona, United States | MAJOR
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This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Strong Material"

Lustmord has some very strong material. Trapped In Purgatory is a powerful old school Death Metal track. - Metal Blade Records


Intense is a word I use to describe the sound of Lustmord! These guys are awesome, and on top of their game! The excitment of a live Lustmord show is superb. These guys put on a hell of a show, and it carries over in the recorded music. - Rachel's Metal Review

"Now this is Death FUCKING Metal!"

US death metal at it's brutal best! - Raging Metal


Pleasure from Death (demo 2000-Death Rape Records)
Blutverlust (full length 2001- Icee/Death Rape Records)
Lessons In Brutality (ep 2002-Death Rape Records)
Womb Raiders/Lustmord (split cd 2004-Death Rape Records)
Mutilated Agony (full length 2006/2007-Death Rape Records/Pure Minds Records/Putrescent Records)
Back from the Dead (demo 2007-Death Rape Inc.)
Pleasure from Death v.2 (ep 2008/2009-Death Star Records/Westmont Metal Records/Death Rape Inc.)
After Death (Full Length 2009- Death Star Records/Westmont Metal Records/Death Rape Inc.)
Alice Cooper's 2009 Christmas Pudding CD (Carol Of The Bells)
Manicidic Records 2009 Summer Sampler
Death Star Records KILL Comp CD
Death Star Models Comp CD
Soundvision Recordings Comp CD
Forced Into Submission (2010 EP Death Rape Inc.)
666 (2010 EP Death Rape Inc.)
A Decade Of Dismemberment (2010 Full Length Fall Of Eden Records)



In the 10 years the band has been together they've shared the stage with such giants as SLAYER, MEGADETH, CANNIBAL CORPSE, EXHUMED, DEICIDE, OBITUARY, MONSTROSITY and several other well known bands, including a tour of Sweden with LOBOTOMY.

The band's debut album Blutverlust sold more than 2,000 copies worldwide, and since then have sold out of each release.

Lustmord have won the award for best metal band from the IMEA, and took home the valley of the sun best metal band award in Dec. 2008.

Lustmord had four #1 songs on metal charts in 2009, and had two #2 songs.

Lustmord works with charities such as the march of dimes, aspca, peta, and various cancer charities as well as donates proceeds to st.judes hospital.

The band has toured in the US, Mexico, Europe, Canada, and South America.

The tracks They Call To Me, Blood Flows Red, For The Fallen Blood Soaked Visions, Grave Slave, and Hellwhore have been used in horror and adult films.

Lustmord is:
Anthony Lustmord- Vocals
Daniel Beck- Drums
Rock Rollain- Bass
Scourge- Guitar

Lustmord is a band that has been around for 10 years. The band has endured many line-up changes and breaks over the years, but with the signature vocals of original vocalist Anthony Lustmord the band has stayed for the most part unchanged. Each musician brings something with them, but each musician sticks to the sound that has made Lustmord what they are today.

The current line-up finds its roots in the Phoenix AZ black metal scene with members from Bloodhaven, and black metal powerhouse Kult Of Thorn.

Bass Player Rock Rollain, and Drummer Daniel Beck were members of Bloodhaven, and Rock is in Kult Of Thorn with guitarist Scourge.

Recent (2009/2010) former members:
Robert (Six Million Dead)
Jake (From The Ashes)
Jared (Belligerant Rednecks)

Lustmord is part of the USBMS (United States Black Metal Sect.) and even though the band is more Death Metal than Black Metal the USBMS happily work with Lustmord.