LUSTRA makes the kind of rock that will knock you down, eat your lunch, and come back to make out with you.


This band would rather have sex with you and your grandparents than hand you a "band bio," but that's probably not saying much.

Chris Baird (singer/bassist) and Nick Cloutman (b/u singer/guitarist) met while studying prison architecture at the University of Massachusetts (Boston.) Ironically the architects who designed the campus (renowned for their work with correctional facitlities) were allegedly jailed for professional and contractual crimes against the campus. Realizing this curse, Chris and Nick quickly abandoned their architectural dreams and headed off to California for a more stable and lucrative career in music.

Somewhere in Washington State, Travis Lee (lead guitarist) stepped off an an Alaskan fishing trawler with water-logged trousers and a fresh perspective on the frigid Northwest. With a guitar and a teeth-clattering desire for the warm weather of Los Angeles, Travis headed South.

Fast-forward: Shitty jobs were shared, conversations were had, and a band formed in a lingerie factory in Downtown Los Angeles.

Yes, this is the band that wrote and recorded Scotty Doesn't Know for the film Eurotrip. Chris and Nick were also flown to Prague to appear in the film. That's Chris pretending to play guitar. That's Nick's huge head obscured by even bigger stage rigging. And no, Matt Damon isn't really their lead singer.

Out on the lonely road LUSTRA has been fortunate enough to share stages with the likes of Queens of the Stone Age, The Brian Jonestown Massacre, Nashville Pussy, Primus, and others.

In the studio, LUSTRA has tried the patient recording, mixing and production talents of the following professionals:

John Paterno (Eels, The Warlocks, The Thrills)
Joe Barresi (Weezer, Queens of the Stone Age, Fu Manchu)
Sylvia Massy Shivy (Red Hot Chili Peppers, Tool, System of a Down)
Scott Riebling (American Hi-Fi, Letters to Cleo).

So with all that out of the way... we were wondering if uh... maybe LUSTRA could buy you and your grandparents a drink some time?


What You Need and What You Get (forthcoming LUSTRA Music LLC)
I'm Having Santa for Christmas (2007 LUSTRA Music LLC)
Left for Dead (2006 XOFF Records)