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"The Popstream: Lusurfer"

If you're not sure what to do tonight and have no specific requirements other than that it has to involve some completely ridiculous high- (or low-) concept comedy rock act, head to Lee's Liquor Lounge 'cause you are in all kinds of luck. Lusurfer is a local band that's been gigging around town on a regular basis for a while now, and since it takes something special to help a band stand out amongst all the Prozac Rats and These Modern Sockses that're vying for stage time, it's fortuitous that they hit on the holy-shit-genius idea of combining the blackest of black metal with surf rock. Hawaiian shirts and corpse paint, together at last -- but how do they sound? If this short YouTube clip's any indication, it works pretty well -- and, despite the hodad-unfriendly lyrics ("You're dead! Fuck you!"), it's actually a pretty subtle tweak. If you're keeping your ears open for metal sounds, you can actually hear that twanging guitar and garage-rock organ as something that could easily be transposed to a chugga-chugga twin-guitar dirge, but if you're just listening to it as surf music, it sounds like surf music, albeit a kind of sinister strain. It's a gimmick, but it works like a charm. -


By Jen Paulson
Referring to themselves as "The World's Most Satanic Surf Rock Band," Lusurfer combine the spirit of the devil with the water sport that inspired guitar heroes such as Dick Dale and Link Wray. The band's instrumental surf rock is spot-on, and to further their "satanic" persona, their gimmick comes complete with Hawaiian shirts and underworldly black-and-white face paint. Their straightforward rock 'n' roll proficiency is further enriched by a wicked sense of humor and delightful blasphemy, culminating with surf guitar covers as brilliant as Iron Maiden's "Run to the Hills." Rounding out the bill are local Rockabilly staple Hot Rod Hearse and the garage-rock/surf sounds of Laundromat Vacation. 21+.
Thu., Jan. 8, 9 p.m., 2009 - Minneapolis City Pages


Vulgar Display Of Reverb



Centuries ago, deep within the Pits of Hell, Satan devised a plan to gain more followers from Earth. He decided to create musicians from the molten lava to send to Earth so that they may convince humans to worship Him. Using the power of lost souls he had collected, the Prince of Darkness created three musicians. Moloch the Manipulator, who was to arrange the notes of Satan’s music to His liking, while performing on a reverb-soaked guitar. Dagon the Blasphemer, who was to rumble the earth with the morbid tones of the electric bass, and Asmoday the Tormentor, who was to hypnotize the disbelievers with a drum set delivering a steady surf beat. Satan cast the three musicians from the Gates of Hell to Earth where they kidnapped a man named Gary from behind an office building where he was working as an insurance salesman. Gary the Insurance Salesman was to deliver dissonant harmonies and haunting melodies on the electric organ. Together, the four musicians began a mission to deliver the word of Satan to Earth through Satanic Surf Rock music. In honor of their creator, they would be forever known as LUSURFER.