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"Lutchinha hailed in Cabo Verde"

(To date, most of Lutchinha's press has been in Cape Verde and is in her native creole language. Stay tuned for updates in English coming soon!)

"We loved your show at the Acton Jazz Cafe with your all female band!! You guys were wonderful and brought in a great crowd. Thanks so much for your delightful music and great publicity."
Molly Flannery, Acton Jazz Café,
Acton, MA

"A brand new band playing the melliflous music of Cape Verde - morna, funana, batuque and many other styles come together in a sweet blend that is nothing short of irresistable. Come to dance!"
Dana Westover, Johnny D's, Somerville, MA - Laurie Goldsmith


"Castanhinha" released in 2004



Maria Neves Leite - “Lutchinha” was born on the island of Sao Vicente, Cape Verde Islands. She has performed in several “Noites Caboverdianas" in Sao Vicente, and participated in "Festival de Vozes Femininas" in Praia, with Cesaria Evora, Zenaida Chantre, Titina, and other major artists. In 1988 she represented Cape Verde in the International Students Festival in the Soviet Union and has performed in Portugal. Lutchinha has recorded with many Cape Verdean artists, including Ramiro Mendes, Calu Bana, Ze Rui, Jacqueline Fortes and many more.

Maria "Lutchinha" Leite's newest release "Castanhinha" is teeming with strong vocals, fearless traditional grooves, and a rich Capeverdean tinged texture. Said Lutchinha, who inherits music from her parents: "Only my family and friends know the hardship I went through to record this album. I am really satisfied and proud of the outcome." From beginning to end, she strings the musical picture collectively with such ease. The title song "Castanhinha," a sensitive morna composed by her father and dedicated to her mother, sets the tone for the more cadenced tunes such as the vibrating "Xan Canta," the Brazilian Samba "Meu Amor" or the charming "Calvario." On luscious and mesmerizing songs such as "Lembranca na Peito," composed by Djon Glanzer and Djim Job, "M'nine d' rua," and "Reanima," Lutchinha shows her sharpness and versatility, utilizing her stellar and high-pitched vocals with a towering class, which really gives the music a crafty boost. With her passionate voice, she emotionally shouts: "Let me sing and spread happiness to make people cheerful in this world." "Castanhinha," definitely brings happiness to her fans.

While in Cape Verde, she performed in several “Noites Caboverdianas” and entertained, and performed for different officials entities visiting Cape Verde including Heads of States.
2010 – Participated in a festival in the Island of Fogo with Voz & Cordas Band

2009 – Toured Senegal and Cape Verde for several shows with various local artists before a large crowds and formed her new all female backup band "Cruzamente", performing throughout New England and abroad.

2008 – Participated in “Mostra Cabo Verde” organized by Capeverdean Consulate in Boston

2007 – Performed at the gala reception honoring the President of Cape Verde during his visit to Boston.

2006 – Special guest at the Festival of Morna in island of Boa Vista, Cape Verde

2005 – “CASTANHINHA” was elected the best album of the year at the CapeVerdean music award in RI

2005 – Participated in the festival of Gamboa and Baia Das Gatas, the two most prestigious music festival in Cape Verde Islands

2004 – Recorded first album “CASTANHINHA”

1989 – Moved to USA where she became a lead singer of the band “Os Pecos” Performing throughout New England, Rhode Island, Connecticut and Florida.

1988 – Represented Cape Verde in Portugal.

1985 – Participated in Festival of Students at Soviet Union

1981 Participated in music contest Todo Mundo Canta, where she won second place

Lutchinha is in process of recording her second CD.

Links:,,,,,, or enjoy her music on YouTube.