Luther's Fall

Luther's Fall


High-octane, percussive rock with solid bass lines, sexy guitar solos, discernable lyrics and powerful vocals.


With over fifty years combined experience and having influences from Afro-Cuban and Jazz to Funk, Blues, and Heavy metal, these four freedom- hungry cover musicians have stumbled onto something special. Their original sound has distinctive shades of King's X and Hendrix mixed with small doses of 311 and Tool. The result is a rock sound that's progressive enough to break free of the status-quo while staying refreshingly simple. It's no nonsense rock to the core. The lead vocals have a strong, growling quality backed by clean and melodic harmonies. The lyrics are uplifting and socially conscious without being whiny or pretentious.
All hail the return of the guitar solo! Les Paul would truly be proud! And the rythm section stays on point. Solid, yet inventive drumming and a bass player who obviously owns "the pocket", drives every song with a pleasantly invasive quality. All of this is accented by additional percussion work that may start a new "percussive-rock" genre. This is a different kind of rock. It must be seen to truly be appreciated.



Written By: G. Corbin

Do your best, to look how they look and do what they say
Sacrifice yourself to fit in, and be the one they love
Giving up all that you could have been for what they wanted
All alone now, waiting for the love they always promised
Only through them can you find the way back to your father
Love your brother, only if he loves the way that you do
Unless she looks like you, the love you make could damn your soul
What's the difference, if they make it, just as long as you go on

Stand and Defy

Turn your back on those who simply can do nothing for you
Only share with those who really have something to give back
Friends and family exist only when the deals are done
They say they're with you but remember, you're the only one
Keep your head held high so those beneath you cannot see your eyes
Nevermind the grey that snuffs the light inside
Freedom comes to those who take it from the ones who fell before
Open up your eyes and see the truth, before you loose control

Stand and Defy

You've got to give yourself more time
You've got to look inside yourself to find the love you want

Stand and Defy


Written By: J. Allegretto

If you think that you're strong
Got the will to get on
Well sign up
If this life ain't enough
Well the road will be rough
So stand up
Stand up!

Nothing now can stop me from just what I'm gonna do
You can't hold me down, lock me up or hide me from the truth
Though it's in my heart, within my soul, to you it's all the same
The only thing that matters is you live through all your dreams

I'll follow the road where it takes me
I'll fight to the end, if it's gonna break me
I'm moving mountains with the message in my head
But it's gonna take some time
This is what I said

If you got what it takes
There's a war we can wage
On opposition
It's a fight we can win
Let the ruling begin
It's our mission

Everybody's talking 'bout the way it all began
No need for many stories - it's more than you can stand
From struggles of beginnings to the lessons of the Fall
Tell it like it is and leave the masses out on call


You feel it
You see it
You know it
Believe it

You can touch it
You can taste it
You've got it
Don't waste it
On fire

You wanna see all the things that you love in the world
But guess what - the journey you're taking is about to unfold



Written By: G. Corbin

A look inside here’s what I'm shown,
Counting on my fingers and toes,
The times you laughed, the times i cried ,
And all the times you lied!

So now I’m cuttin’ you loose,
The pain you caused me rivals the news,
I’m left alone and scarred from your abuse,
Angels sing the blues!

I’d rather live alone than live with you!
( X 2)

Ins and outs, ups and downs,
Empty heart, empty vows,
Promises you never kept
frozen in my mind.

So you think you’ve left me alone,
Just thought of something you should know.
If you'd open up your eyes you'd see.
I’m leaving you behind.

- Chorus -


EP- Self Titled
LP- Songs To Wake Up To

Songs enjoying airplay: Arising, Epiphany, The Fallen, and On The Way. These songs have been played on FM99, 96x, WCNU, WODU,,, and KROQ in LA.

Set List

Although an original band, covers are not out of the question. They can accomidate a booking for all original music, bookings for all cover songs, or any mix in between. A typical night can be three sets each about an hour long or two sets each about an hour and a half long.
A short list of some of the covers played:
Suck My Kiss- Red Hot Chili Peppers
Go- Pearl Jam
Sober- Tool
Possum Kingdom- The Toadies
Toxicity- System Of A Down
Dead And Bloated- Stone Temple Pilots
Moonbaby- Godsmack
Sad But True- Metalica
War Pigs- Black Sabbath
Bitch- Sevendust
Young Lust- Pink Floyd
and more!