Luther "Squeak" Jackson
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Luther "Squeak" Jackson

Detroit, Michigan, United States | INDIE

Detroit, Michigan, United States | INDIE
Band Pop R&B


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"LL Cool J: 15 minutes with a rap icon"

It was a different type of Father's Day backstage at Universal Orlando on Saturday night.

LL Cool J had a chance to talk up one of his "new kids." And he looked like a proud papa.

Luther "Squeak" Jackson joined the rap icon for a 20-minute interview with the Sentinel after cooling off from a hot set in the Florida heat, where they both talked about their involvement with the budding music site,, "Squeak's" unlikely journey to joining LL on stage and the latter's return to the television screen in the upcoming "NCIS: Los Angeles."

Here is a selection of 10 questions from the interview:

So, LL, what did you see in Squeak to make you want to put him on stage? Just seeing a kid with a lot of talent. Someone that creates such amazing music, obviously when we created Boomdizzle, we wanted to create a platform for artists like Squeak, to give them a chance. I am constantly scouring through the music, I am listening to the artists, I live on the site. I have my kids involved.

When I heard Squeak's music, I went to it, listened to some other things, went back to it, listened to some other things, come back to it again. Then, I was like, "You know what, this guy is really talented." And, like I said on stage, you have guys who make terrible music with four ears, them and their friend. And, my man Squeak is making this incredible music (with one ear).

I am just a guy that doesn't believe in limitations. Obviously, we all have limitations, but once you know what they are, you can move past them. When I heard his music, I was just overwhelmed. Put him up in the All-Star competition and the kids voted him in. They really liked the song. We just took the song, mixed it and made sure it had a real, professional sound to it. It is his creation.

Squeak, you get a big name to support you and the fans choose you to win the Boomdizzle challenge, what's that feel like? First, it never could have happened without the faith. It was overwhelming. I know it was a little bit of talent, but the story behind it and that LL and his crew had a passion about what I have been through. It was all that I expected.

LL, your story never seems to stop. Will it? For me, the live music is something I will always do because I have people who have grown up with my music. They are my age, they were teenagers when I came out and they really can relate to me. I am not out to compete with the new generation, I know my place in the music community. Not pretending to be 18, I was over that 10 years ago. I am not looking to do a lot of albums, I am looking to do live music. I am not looking to retire, but artists are always looking to create. But, in terms of competing, it's guys like Squeak that I want to get out there and let them blow up and do their thing. Experience this new industry what I experienced back when I was that age.

By completing my contract and that part of my life, I am in a position to be forward-thinking again. But within the construct that this new industry exists. Be a leader and create a site like and use the technological advances that exist today to give these guys an opportunity in a way that they can understand. These guys have grown up on the Internet. My thing is just giving them the opportunity and building them up and being passionate about it. Being successful in that. The one thing you don't want to do is to keep repeating yourself. You have to push yourself to a new level. This is not the stereotypical "retiring" because you never get over music. It's just that you have to know when to move on, grow up. But that doesn't mean you can't be successful, you just have to find a way to take that next step.

It's going to be his responsibility to put himself the responsibility of having 20,000 people (the crowd at Universal on Saturday) for his music. That's up to him and his talent. But he'll have every opportunity to do that, I believe in him. He sounds great, his single is great on the radio and it was great live tonight. The people enjoyed it. First time they heard it, they were just watching at the beginning, but by the end they had their hands in the air. That tells me they responded to the music.

You both seem to embrace the Web, which other artists have rejected. Why use it to your advantage? Squeak: The opportunity is there, and that's what it is all about, the Internet. Radio has its limitations, the Internet is so big and broad, everyone is on there downloading. You've got YouTube, MySpace and any other avenue that is connected to the internet.

LL: These sites are becoming an extension of the Internet now. It's almost like a giant cloud and we are becoming extensions of that. It used to be that we were going to the Internet, now it's like we are extensions of the Internet. Everyone is on their Blackberry, there is going to be a point where you will touch a chair (during a concert) and it will tell you everything you need to know (about a song). One thin - Orlando Sentinel/ Nick Masuda (writer)


7Mile self titled Album "7Mile". Sony/Crave Records National and overseas airplay.

Groove Album Released 2004
Single: 22's had radio airplay on WJLB FM 98 Detroit, MI

Ready Album Released 2006. Digital Distribution only. Available at



Luther "Squeak" Jackson, a multi-talented Detroit native whose destiny to entertain has been undeniable since he started singing at the tender age of two. Growing up in a family of singers, Squeak was destined to inherit the bold sounds of crooning with unique styles of soothing riffs and runs. Singing wasn't the only talent he would inherit. Squeaks family soon discovered that he could play any instrument handed to him. While drums, keyboards, guitar or saxophone alone would delight the average dreamer, "Squeak" mastered them and some. He demonstrated an intrinsic talent to produce and by age 8 he had fashioned his own method of multi-track recording, simply by using two tape recorders! By the age of 10, "Squeak" had assembled his first of many singing groups.

Today, ingenuity in modern recording technology makes Squeak capable of being a one-man production team. This talent is demonstrated on his forthcoming album "Ready" where he and he alone has done all of his own engineering, mixing, vocals, writing, arrangements and tracks. And after the music's down, "Squeak" pours out a soulful 4 octave range, reminiscent of Sam Cooke and David Ruffin, with the contemporary spice of Joe. He describes himself as a crooner and his forthcoming "Ready" and "First Things First" are tunes sure to convey and arouse the most genuine, heartfelt passion. His vocal arrangements and harmonies are comparable to that of Take6 as heard in his "My World Radio" Interludes.

"Squeak" assembled a dynamic group by the name of "7Mile" (Crave Records/Sony/Epic). The group toured with Mariah Carey, LL Cool J, Mary J Blige and Brian McKnight. He has been actively writing, producing and performing studio work for several artists including K-Ci & Jo-Jo, PAJAM Productions, Bad Boy Entertainment, Jennifer Lopez and the latest song produced for TVXQ in Japan titled "Hey Girl". He has toured with two stage plays across the US.

"Squeak" is co-founder of MyWorld Entertainment and blazes the trail for an exceptional talent roster. While he vocalized much as a baby, so much of his family affectionately dubbed him "Squeaky", he's evolved into a phenomenal producer/composer/vocalist, inspiring old-school reunion and the return to true musicianship with tracks like "What A Love Can Do" & "Groove", amazingly a great dance and easy listening tune, and hearers will echo, "I don't want this to end, let's do it again."