LuvBug Movement

LuvBug Movement


We're 3 Rastafari girls specializing in POSSITIVE REGGAE MUSIC. We're DJ's, not a band, but we do manage and promote several reggae artists/singers from Boston and Jamaica... we can provide all ur reggae entertainment needs.


LuvBug Movement was founded by Pattimani in 1997, with her sister UnityLuv. With 16 years experience as a Selector "DJ" , Patti was playing with another "sound" and decided to form her own group. Adding DJ RedGurl in 2000 completed this trio of talented ladies. Not ur average "hype" DJ group, these 3 women specialize in posstive reggae music. They're have u dancing all night but the message is not one of slackness... They've played on Fully Loaded 2008 in Jamaica, and many other popular jamaican shows besides playing all over Boston/Cambridge MA.. NH & Maine.. They're truly unforgetable especially with their box FULL of dubplates (special songs recorded by the biggest artists just for LuvBug (beenie man, Little Hero, PZ, Warrior King and so many more) .. Also have a radio show out of Boston on on sunday's from noon-2p (EST) called the Nice Up U Medi Show with the LuvBug Girls..


many reggae mixes, most recently LuvBug's Out Here Dubplate mix, From the Beginning new Culture mix & LuvBug Movement Meets Ras Ghandi mix...

Set List

Always start out with Praise GOd & Out Here by Little Hero & Andrew Mystic aka "PZ" .. bless the place first and foremost... usually play foundation/oldies first... then get into the new music and always have pre-released music to play before the faster music to end the night... very flexible