Luv Jones

Luv Jones


A nice blend of neo-soul and old school R&B. The concepts of the songs are of everyday things that, you never hear about in songs. Armed with fresh concepts, and a soulful voice, and soothing hot production. Luv Jones is a force to be reckoned with.


Since, the tender age of 4 years old, JoAnne Andrews, aka Luv Jones, has always loved to peform and sing in front of audiences. Even at that young age, she new the right notes and chords that songs should be sang in. The daughter of a minister, her music has some gospel inspirations, in the concepts of her songs, and her flawless harmonies. Luv Jones, writes songs in her head, and is a professional and seasoned artist. She signed a production deal with TightGrip Media, is currently seeking a record deal from a major record label.


"Passing Through"
"Moan For Luv"

Set List

Luv Jones, goes on feeling, whatever fits the mood.
The sets last about 45 minutes in length.