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Madison, Wisconsin, United States

Madison, Wisconsin, United States
Band Hip Hop R&B




"The "N" Word"

“NBC 15: Keyon Hutson is a local hip-hop performer. His stage name LUV stands for Lyrical, Unique, Versatile. Hutson doesn't just rap about cliché topics like sex, money and partying. He also talks about the recession, accountability and the importance of family. He does admit to using the "N" word a handful of times on his new album," Dark Past, Bright Future." He says, " I am comfortable with the word." Hutson adds, "Where I am from it's used by Blacks, by Whites, by Latinos and we're all brothers out there." Hutson says he doesn't have the same experience with the "N" word as someone like McClain. So to him it's not as offensive. The debate about the word and it's place in American history was recently reignited by NewSouth publishing. They plan on removing the "N" word, which appears more than 200 times, from Mark Twain's Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn. ” - “NBC 15:

"DVD gives inside look at Midwest's up-and-coming talent"

“VH1 News: DVD gives inside look at Midwest's up-and-coming talent featuring Midwest's hottest up-and-coming.... Terrell Blair gives you a look at some of the area's untapped talent coming out of Wisconsin and Illinois. "The DVD will give the consumers of Hoodlife Movement and the overall world a chance to see the raw talent that's located in these uncharted regions," said "Crack" DVD creator Blair. " 'Midwest Xplosion' consists of various artists from the Midwest region showing their skills on and off the mic in some of the rarest moments. » Madison, Wisconsin segment. "The artist L.U.V was interviewed in a classic old-school convertible that the town members are infamously known for."”by Rahman Dukes - - “VH1 News


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