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The LUX Biography

The story of LUX is one of a dream; a brotherhood; a family, and a pact. The alliance of six individuals from all walks of life, finding each other by chance, and conceiving a vision some would label impossible. A movement that would change the world we’ve come to know and open doors for an entire new generation of strong-willed individuals to stand up and be heard.

This is the dawning of a new legacy; the beginning of a new era… This is LUX.

The first seed was planted in the winter of 2000, when native Oregonian Avery Watts began to see what he believed to be his calling in life. The idea started out simply…to create a musical group like none the world had ever seen before, a band that was equally as strong in every facet of being a band; one that was musically proficient, highly charismatic, attractive, well-rounded, had an image like no other, and could put on a live performance like nothing anyone else had seen yet. This would be a challenge that seemed easier in writing than it did to manifest. It would take work…a lot of work.

Avery took a backwards approach to creating the group. Instead of learning the trials and errors of show business first hand, (like other predecessors in history have done), he chose instead to first study the strengths and weaknesses of the greatest acts in history. After a time of research, it became clear that with the abundance of amazing artists in existence, one lingering fact resonated about them all…not one person or group could do it all.

The vast majority of legendary groups throughout time were strong in maybe a few areas of being a band, but did not take the time to focus on the group as a whole. If they looked good, their music lacked; if they had good songs, they were ugly as sin; if their music was catchy, their live performance was yawn-inspiring. And even if they had it all, their lack of knowledge in the music business would inevitably lead them back to flipping burgers shortly after their rise to stardom. It became clear to Avery that there was a need, a calling of sorts for a group that could cover every area of the spectrum, and so the hunt began for the members of this group to pull off the impossible.
In early 2002, Avery met up with a drummer by the name of TJ Stiles. This was the first person in Avery’s search who fully understood the concept of what he was striving for. As a veteran of live performance and a former member of many failed bands, Stiles was quick to join the crusade for what he also believed to be “the band to end all bands.”

Later that same year, the two stumbled across a young guitarist/virtuoso by the name of Jamie Steele just weeks prior to a scheduled relocation out of Oregon. The guitar-shredding, awe-inspiring prodigy had, in fact, been on a similar quest of his own for the past few years, and was exactly what LUX needed to take them to the next stage of possibilities.

The newly-formed trio spent the better part of 2003 solidifying the concept of what LUX needed to be. Through the constant struggles of having little finances, no support, and no alternative of turning back, the three found themselves alone, but unwilling to give up on what they knew could be achieved.

After a period of time, the group was forced back to their hometown to regroup and reassess their plan. In doing so, they came across Shay Bassman, a local bassist and old time friend of Jamie Steele. Shay had heard rumors of a now-forming “super group” in the works, and joined the ranks as soon as possible.

The three-turned-four relocated to Los Angeles, California with just enough money to pay for one month’s rent, and with only enough possessions to fit into a passenger van. Starting again from ground zero, the group shared a small studio apartment; sleeping on the floor, eating what they could muster, and working as much as possible. During that time they began to create what would become their debut album Seeing Is Believing. With no previous experience in recording, producing, mixing, mastering, graphic design, or even solid song writing, the band would go on to independently create a twelve song masterpiece over the span of a few months.

Near the end of this production, the group was contacted by another native Oregonian by the name of Infamous 6ix. 6ix had also heard of the group and was willing to leave everything behind to be a part of it. Within a year after 6ix’s arrival, the band found the final layer of LUX in a guitarist/singer by the name of Cash Lawless.

With all the members of the group now united, the band was finally ready to make the world “See and Believe.”

Since the forming of the group, LUX has single-handedly broken every rule in the history of rock bands. Within the first month of releasing the single “Believe” on their website LUXROCK.COM, the group had nearly a million web hits from all over the world. This might not seem amazing, unless you consider the w



Written By: LUX

(Verse 1)
Good to see you
It's been so long
I can tell that
something's wrong

What's the problem?
Can't you see?
You can lie to you
but don't fool me

Open up your heart, it's the only way to start
Open up your eyes and realize
Now I see what you mean
Now I see
and you make me Believe

(Verse 2)
Daily Practice
Daily Lies
Daily Failure
When you compromise

Make it happen
Make it count
Make it your life
Don't be left out


Wake up and realize
Don't theorize, hypothesize
It's all so simple once you see
Your purpose, Your Place
and what makes you be...
All if you Believe


Open up your heart...
Open up your eyes...
Now I see...
And you make me Believe


Written By: LUX

Lyrics for "Criminal"
(Verse 1)
I'm on the run so come and catch me if you can
I bet you didn't know that I'm a wanted man
I won't be very long, hope you miss me while I'm gone
I love you

They're out to get me, so I gotta lay low
No time to stick around I gotta be a ghost
I'll call from every town and let you know that
I'm around

Whether I'm North, Down South, East, or out West
I'm never without you, baby you're the best
I love you, I need you, and honey I want you to know...
My heart is true and my word sincere
Even if right now I can't be near
Sorry to keep this all so minimal
See you soon
Your Criminal

(Verse 2)
Some people seem to think that I'm the Bad Guy
The root of every problem in their family lives
But secretly they fear what they're seeing in the mirror
It's so clear...

Cause all the others, they can barely wait
They're marking my arrival by the calendar date
They wanna have fun, so we rock and then I run
To the next state...

(Final Chorus)
Whether I'm North, Down South, East, or out West
I'm never without you, baby you're the best
I love you, I need you, and honey I want you to know...
My heart is true and my word sincere
Even if right now I can't be near
Sorry to keep this all so minimal
Don't you worry now, I'll be home soon
Always thinking of you,
Your Criminal

I'm just a Criminal
Call me a Criminal
I'm just a Criminal
A Criminal


Written By: Avery Watts & Jamie Steele

Crimson in the sunset and crystal in the tides
The temperature is perfect and everything is right
I gaze at the horizon, an angel at my side
And we hold each other tightly as the day fades into night

Then I realize that there is more to this life...

All alone for miles and silent is the sound
The moon's illumination gently lights the ground
Two minds now united and hearts begin to race
But not a word is spoken as softly we embrace

Then I pray with all my being that this moment in time would freeze...

And I cry tonight
As I look into your eyes
You’re the only one in my life
You’re the only one who makes me feel alive

Together in the twilight we talk amongst the stars
And speak of aspirations, the future we call ours
Time continues onward, but little do we care
We savor every moment that we’re blessed enough to share

And now my blind eyes see the greatest gift standing right in front of me...

And I cry tonight
As I look into your eyes
You’re the only one in my life
You’re the only one who makes me feel alive

Almost out of nowhere I’m taken by a light
I can’t seem to escape it, so brilliant and so bright
Then suddenly I awake and I'm in a different scene
For none of this was real, it was all just a dream

Now every night before I sleep I say one prayer that once again we’ll meet

And I cry tonight
As I look into your eyes
You’re the only one in my life
You’re the only one who makes me feel alive



Seeing Is Believing (limited edition)

Set List

45 minutes

Believe (rock)
Someday (rock)
Tough Word (rock)
Tonight (ballad)
Criminal (rock)
Ride (rock)
Survive (heavy rock)
Home (rock ballad)