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LuX Element

 San Clemente, California, USA

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The Edge

Written By: Marco Iniguez

See you baby as you walk on by
And it's you that i want in the night
Sweet lil baby dont you walk away
Its your hips that I’m seeing
And you make them sway

Pretty lil baby as you walk on by
It's those hips that i want every night
Wanna see you dirty baby
on the edge of the knife
and its you sweet honey
I want up all night

Lookin trippy like a Baby
Lookin like a lady
Thong in cheeks
Draggin down the she’s so
I look like a baby
Where men are lady’s
And every thing means
Everything to me

I'll see you pretty lady
by the sunlight shine
And its you lit Angel
i want in my life

Pretty dirty lady on the edge of the knife
I need you icy cold tonight