Lux Land

Lux Land


Poignant and simple.. a great conveyor of mood, Lux Land's songs express volumes without obvious effort. A riveting performer, she invites you into her tightly woven stories with open arms all the while leaving you with the feeling you are the secret observer of a private moment.


4 years ago a big black mutt in the back of a road weary Subaru wagon would have indicated that Lux was rolling into your town to play a show. From the west coast to the Sawtooths, to the Rockies, Lux has played various sized stages and has opened for acts as large as Bob Dylan and as obscure as critic darlings Richmond Fontaine. Today, after a brief hiatus from touring, Lux returns with homebase on the opposite side of the country and a new record, Summer Hours. Now calling Michigan home and adding marriage and motherhood to the lineup, Lux's latest release is a clear testiment to her songwriting capabilities. Simply produced and beautifully executed, Summer Hours proves to be a tremendous stepping stone on a flourishing career path.
Today Lux has traded in the Subaru for an Airstream Trailer, which she and her husband with daughter in tow tour the country in. The influences of Neil Young, Jackson Browne and Emmylou Harris have been appropriately put into rotation with Dan Zanes, Raffi and the Tales of Rudyard Kipling. The big black dog stays home, waiting to hear again the sounds of the piano, strains of guitar and sweet melodies of song he so enjoyes when the family tour has come to town..


Summer Hours

Written By: Lux Land

We were talking about
We were talking about the things that made us change.
Then the summer came on.
And it was bitter but strong,
and I let go of some things.

He drove all the way
to Idaho
To see a show, I didn't play
Hang up the phone
And retreat to, a better place.

Well you were too busy talking
to listen to some of the warnings I was giving away
And I was living some where
Somewhere up in the air,
where I was safe.

He drove all the way to Idaho
To see a show
I didn't play
I turn off the phone
and retreat to
A better place
I know what I did
I know what I've done
But when the Summer Hours come.

Nobody notices, when she disappears
Nobody notices, when she disappears
And I have lost myself in you before
I have lost myself in you

Know what I did
Know what I've done
But when the Summer Hours come...


Made of Murmurs EP (2005)
Summer Hours (2007)

Set List

Can play up to 2 hours of original music, with occasional covers by Patti Griffin, Willie Nelson and Bruce Springsteen.