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“Luxury Player is more than just entertainer. As an artist, he truly followed his own path and created his own lane. Fusing several genres of music such as Hip/hop / Dancehall reggae, Afrobeats, R&B, Soul and other exquisite elements that feel really great”.


Born Stan Moja, known professionally as  Luxury Player is a rapper\ entrepreneur.  He discovered Hip/Hop music  in Nairobi city, Kenya. Circa '90s. In the language of swahili “Moja” means “One”. He was nicknamed Luxury Player by his peers because of his knack for luxuries and taste for finer things. At the age of ten, Luxury Player began writing his own raps and doing freestyle shows. His love for art and design developed early, inspired by hip hop and street culture. Influenced by Biggie, Pac and Vybz Kartel just to name a few Luxury Player  found his passion in music and acting. Thereafter he moved to New York in the early 2000's and signed to his  imprint Richkid records. In 2009, he co-founded the production team The  Invisible Assassins , responsible for  the single Keys to the Benzo.


Luxury Player  broke onto the scene in 2010 with the release of his debut RIDE MIXTAPES  released  as a free digital download from his websiteand was well received by critics. He made a name for himself  performing at pool parties, night clubs and events.

Luxury Player's ability to paint pictures with words and evoke emotions through music is unmatched. Since 2010 Luxury Player has been honoring the craft of music making. He use only exquisite sounds from different genres  and blend these elements creating unique music. Independently recorded and released  through  a handpicked distribution network. 

Luxury Player’s music is about having a good time. However, what really sets him apart from the pack is his unique sound and style. His swag is prized by a cult of fans, who find clarity and solace in his tales of  street life told with poetic ism.GAME CHANGER is the EP album by  Luxury Player. GAME CHANGER  features an array of most iconic sound fusions from


Heart Breaker

Written By: Lyrics by Stan knight

Yeah come baby come,
I know what you want,
I got what you need,
I got the keys to ya fantasy,
Let’s go.

Dream maker,
Love maker,
Baby what’s ya fantasy?

I come to the club searching for a baby girl
Mr dj playin old skool ‘n’ radio hitz,
kiss pack to all the ladies on the dance floor,
Finally love bandit in the place to be,
Mama use to say good girls are hard to find,
playboy take ya time and do it right,
New York, Nairobi ladies luv me now,
They can tell a true player by the way we ball,
She like ma steez and the way I roll,
Fantasized and you know she can bring it on,
snaking on the dance floor, sippin on Cristal
Make me wanna holler baby what’s ya fantasy.

Chorus x2

In the hood big boyz wanna fall in love,
flippin on birds like it’s Christmas day,
Go ahead homy I ain’t mad at ya,
It feels good when ya do it right
After many heartbreaks now we understand
That love is a fantasy between the two,
Heart breaker, money taker wanna take me down,
I penetrate a system like scandalous,
Now I’m the best player and I got juice,
Make the best cd’s and best tapes,
Who said African nikka can’t ball,
Good girls, good girls holler at ya boy.

Even though every girl is a diamond,
I’m looking for the best with an attitude,
Independent and rich wit a sexy body,
Hey yo baby girl holler at ya boy,
You the type of girl I’ve been dreamin for,
I’m tired of dealin wit a hoodratz,
Make a playboy feel so hypnotized,
You the reason I came to the club tonight,
What’s ya fantasy, baby girl lighten up,
We can take this to ma crib and dig ya out ,
Got big plans layed down just for you
I’m the number one stunner playboy of rap.

Chorus x2

Copyright 2004 knightman Records


Heartbreaker- 2003
Teremka- 2004
You make me wanna- 2005
Playboy- 2006