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Luxury Pushers @ Spitfire Saloon

Cleveland, Ohio, USA

Cleveland, Ohio, USA

Luxury Pushers @ 31st. Street Pub

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

Luxury Pushers @ Melody Inn

Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

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Quitter's Holiday, the new seven-song EP from Luxury Pushers, is a brief but diverse slab of straight-up, gutbucket punk rock.

The tracks on the slamming new disc...are vibrant, high-energy, numbers that practically explode from the speakers.

- Don Thrasher 1/14/05 - Dayton Daily News

From Glitzine:
Formed from the ashes of Mystery Addicts, Luxury Pushers went through a few changes before settling on the current line-up. The band have released 2 EP's on their way to releasing this debut full length, although the first EP is here in its entirety making up the final 5 tracks. That EP, 2003's Eat It, had all 5 tracks used in the adult movie "Sex, Drugs and Rock'n'Roll" and even earned the guys a nomination at the 2004 AVN awards (kinda like the porn Oscars if you will) for best soundtrack!
The first 5 tracks are the newer tracks and opener "3 Minute Manifesto" is exactly that. Just over three minutes of very punky, foot on the floor rock'n'roll and a statement of intent with whisky and cigarettes infused raw vocals. "Lil' A-Bomb" is very Demolition 23-ish with vocals spat out in a similar way to Michael Monroe when he was in that outfit. It needs pointing out that the production captures the raw intensity of the band perfectly. You can almost feel the dirt forming under your fingernails as you listen. There's plenty of fire in the band which is on show throughout the album. "On The Mend" plays out at 100mph with a killer melody and would go down a storm live. It could well go on to be their signature tune. There is a slightly noticeable difference in production values between the newer tracks and those from the debut EP which is understandable, but while they're not quite as clear they're certainly just as intense and still sound great. "Just Like Faye Dunaway" reminds me a little of Space Age Playboy era Warrior Soul and is a great tune with a killer chorus. My favourite track on here though has to be "Poster Child" which simply sounds fantastic when turned up loud with headphones on, the kinda track you can easily get lost in. Although the prize for best track title has to go to "Just In It For The Fuckin'", the track itself is pretty cool dumb fun with a chorus that's crying out for a drunken singalong.
If you like your rock'n'roll dirty and raw then this is the album for you. The band currently have tour dates booked in the US up until July and are hoping to make the trip over to Europe for some dates and I'd love it if they could get to the UK for a few. I think given a bit of exposure they'd attract a few decent sized crowds out over here too - Glitzine-Sept. 2008

Cocky street-rock, unlike anything else goin' on, in the mid-west. Luxury Pushers got way more in common with the harder-dged punk'n'roll from the Coasts, like say, Electric Frankenstein, or Scott "Deluxe" Drake's latest solo album on Rank Outsider Records, than they do with anything happenin' in their home state, the birth-place of the Pagans, and the Deadboys. Dayton, Ohio's resident glamour-punk, Jamie Holiday, has been corrupting the youth of Dayton since the late-80's in bands like Haunting Souls, and Mystery Addicts. He's gotta be in his forties by now, but he could easily pass for a twenty something, tattooed, emo-kid. While I can see how the "Loud, Fast Rules" punk-rock crowd's already embracing these guys, I suspect they'll also have alot of cross-over appeal with the sleaze-rock set. A heavy punk group for fans of gutter-glam like Vains Of Jenna, Lethal Fixx, Innocent Rosie, Dirty Penny, and Crash-Diet. This is a great sounding CD that packs a punch. Holiday and co. are putting the punk back into glamour punk. Luxury Pushers are comprised of several songwriters, but it definitely seems like I can appreciate Holiday's compositions like, "Just In It For The Fucking", and "Just Like Faye Dunaway", the most. I think these cats are goin' places, watch for 'em! Holiday has all the right stuff for rock stardom. Had Gilbey Clarke and Tommy Lee chosen him to front that TV rockgroup, instead of that Lucas Rossi Hot-Topic kid, maybe that band really could have gone super-nova. Good stuff. I fully expect these guys to blow-up big, on the strength of this audacious debut. More power to 'em!-SLEAZEGRINDER - Sleazegrinder

"Luxury Pushers are a force to be reckoned with, displaying a tireless work ethic in combination with a punishing, double-barrel sonic swagger and a post-trash, ugly-pretty aesthetic"...

This short intro describes perfectly the Luxury Pushers in a few words: they come from Ohio, USA and they display great skills in the no-bullshit scene of garage punk / new-sleaze rock n' roll.

They were also reviewed in the UK Classic Rock magazine, issue of 10/2006, by papa Sleazegrinder..."I used to know guys like them in my young sleazy days...they are all dead by now".

For more info, as well as sound samples and MP3 downloads, check out their official website or their Myspace page. - Wreck n' Roll e-zine

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Welcome to the Party, Traitor: CD
Glammed-up, hard-rockin’ punk from Ohio, the musical breadbasket of America. Revivalist New York, 1970s-era punk replete with yowling sneers, a crashing rhythm section, and reverb-heavy guitars. –Jessica Thiringer (Zodiac Killer) - Razorcake

Luxury Pushers
'Welcome To The Party, Traitor'
posted 2007-12-18
I got this CD just when I was thinking that this year didn’t bring any really exciting punk’n’roll band to my ears, just too many of them but too many just looking and sounding all the same!… I changed my mind after listening to the LUXURY PUSHERS: ex-MYSTERY ADDICTS members, a dangerous dose of wild rock’n’roll and a communist influenced art-work are the ingredients of this 10 song album. Although they started in 2003, it seems like the LUXURY PUSHERS finally have all the good weapons to achieve their rock’n’roll mission. Sure it is punk rock’n’roll but you’ll find many other influences in the band’s music, from glam punk to early American hardcore (one fo the vocalists sounds quite angry!), from the DOLLS and The STOOGES to X, FEAR and BLACK FLAG. Warning! The new red threat has begun! Also, it is nice to see that some bands still make the effort to have real good looking websites, not just standardized MySpace pages… - Veglam webzine

....After the Fishnet Stalkers departed the stage, it was time for the main event and the Luxury Pushers. This Dayton band has been around for awhile, and features Jamy Holliday and C. Wright on guitars and vocals. Bassist Eric Purtle also sings and drummer Bryan LaBonte keeps the (very) fast pace. LXP doesn't like to be pigeon-holed into one category and doesn't like references to punk heroes, so I'll leave that out of this review. I will say that The Luxury Pushers have a pretty great sound, thanks in part to the Fishnet Stalkers making sure the audio guy actually twiddled the nobs during their performance.

The small, but boisterous crowd seemed to really get into the moment and enjoy the music. I would say the band has a fairly large local following, but the size of the crowd was a bit depressing and embarrassing. There was even a post-modern moment when Jamy invited his wife on stage and presented her with a Cold Stone ice cream cake for her birthday. There were a few amused looks around the bar, but I thought it was cute. After the cake, it was back to the rock for several more ultra-fast originals. Toward the end of the set, the band walked amongst the crowd with their instruments, which I think is probably anti-punk, but really glam, so good for them!

The Luxury Pushers have an E.P. called Eat It! Hear their music at - Bring Back Glam

Luxury Pushers - Welcome To the Party Traitor
&Just Like Faye Dunaway& reminds me a little of Space Age Playboy era Warrior Soul and is a great tune with a killer chorus. My favourite track on here though has to be &Poster Child& which simply sounds fantastic when turned up loud Luxury Pushers - Welcome To the Party Traitor 2008-10-02
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'Eat It EP' 2003
'Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll' 2004 Film soundtrack
'Quitter's Holiday' 2004
'Welcome To The Party, Traitor' 2007



Formed in the wake of some of its town's most prominent acts, Dayton Ohio's Luxury Pushers came together in Spring, 2003. From their first show, it was obvious Luxury Pushers were a force to be reckoned with. Since, they've spun their odometer like a ragged-out Reno roulette wheel touting an earnest "1, 2, ****-you" attitude in conjunction with a visual flair that simply doesn't disappoint.

Their debut, "Eat It," garnered an AVN Best Soundtrack nomination for its use in Guy Capo's "Sex, Drugs & Rock 'n' Roll," while the 2004 follow-up, "Quitter's Holiday" caught the ear of LA's Five-Finger Management.

Sonically, the critics weigh in: Mohicans insist that Luxury Pushers is a rock 'n' roll band with inherent punk tendencies while Thunders-ites swear it's a punk band tarted up. Splitting hairs, brothers and sisters...