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State College, Pennsylvania, United States | SELF

State College, Pennsylvania, United States | SELF
Band Hip Hop R&B


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



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* L.V “Self-Titled” (2009)
- This was L.V’s debut album, which was very politically and socially driven. This consisted of years worth of songs leading up to its release. It featured songs such as “ I’m A Dream” that was more easy going and personal, to “Peaceful Poverty Poetry” which touches on political and social issues.

* L.V “The W-2 E.P” (2010)
- This was L.V’s second release, which is the prequel to his late 2010 early 2011 release “The Tax Refund” album. This is a much more mature release, in which L.V tones down his personal views. In songs like “I’m About My Business” and “I Am On My High Horse”.

* L.V “The Tax Refund” (2010-2011)
- This will be L.V’s junior release. His best work up to date, with production by Avatar Amen, Black Tim who has worked with the likes of KRS-One. Payne 1 who has credits on Young Jeezy’s last album “The Reccession”, it also includes beats from The Cratez and Van Beatz who have worked with the likes of Dj Unk. It includes songs such as “ Mind Blowin” talking about L.V’s music career, to “The More I Work Up” a street anthem, to “No More” where L.V talks about Losing his oldest brother to a drug overdose and having to inform his mother.



L.V short for Lukie Vuitton was influenced by music since a young age. He progressively got into hip hop as he discovered more and more various messages in the genre of music. L.V came up in a single parent poverty stricken home, where it didn’t take long to see music would be his outlet. By the age of 13 L.V was writing his own songs and recording them on a karaoke machine, along with his brother, business partner, and producer Avatar Amen. Avatar more mature and with a clearer vision upgraded to a computer and Sony Acid Pro for recording. L.V and Avatar rapped together for years with a couple neighborhood friends under the name N.S.D (Never Say Die). Avatar quickly noticed L.V’s unorthodox flow growing and tried to focus him, noticed the need for production and marketing and has been handling that ever since. L.V’s growth started somewhat typical, beginning with violent exacerbated rhymes. His growth differs in the fact that he then went completely the other way dropping his self-titled debut album in 2009 which was very politaclly driven, on the label he co-owns with his brother Amen Shekem Records. Realizing he couldn’t beat people over the head with his beliefs and have mass appeal, L.V quickly dropped his follow up more rounded “ The W-2 E.P”, the prequel to his “ The Tax Refund” album, where he shows how he pulled all sides of himself together in perfect balance to reach a broader audience. L.V has a deep connection with music that lets him shamelessly touch on today’s trials and tribulations. With L.V’s gritty street mentality mixed with razor sharp intelligence, allow him to speak straight to the people. L.V hopes to reach people with his beliefs through music. It’s a lot more than a career, it’s a social campaign to enlighten, as well as a tool to anchor hip hop in its roots. Yet L.V’s love for all genres of music, allow him to bring them together effortlessly in his music. L.V’s single parent poverty stricken upbringing has left him exposed to the evils in the world, in which he has seemed to conquer and use to inform today’s generation. Look for L.V releases for years to come as he continues to travel on his independent crusade.