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The best kept secret in music


"In Their Own Words..."

There was this one time when Age oV Reason had this show. We were playing for a bunch oV Clowns called "Juggalos". "The event" was called the "Gathering oV The Juggalos" Yoshi our MC is a juggalo and we were on a mission to take him to see his other clown friends in Columbus, Ohio. Insane Clown Posse invited us to open their concert on the main stage.

Jack our guitarist has a van; we loaded it up with supplies, camping gear, band equipment and cloths all into a u-hall trailer ( Imade enough peanut butter and jelly sandwich's to last us a year... yum) It took an hour oV packing and unpacking. I think we smoked too much chronic before we did the pack job. Harold our Bass Player got the pack right and we were off. 39 hours from Las vegas to Ohio. I bet we would make 24 hours, cross Kansas, and then kill each other before we got to Columbus.

Our first stop was in Utah. It was so colorful. Colorado was next, the Rockey Mountain's AoR Kept it moving that's right no stopping. Thru to Kansas I took over driving for the next 8 hours. Kansas is a straight line and very flat. Coming from Vegas that is alive 24/7 Kansas had no pulse a flat straight line. Kansas might be asleep 24/7. I think if I was a settler I would have kept going west. Even though it felt like misery I was looking forward to Missouri, onward we took our clown.

We were in Indiana and their had only been three Black Mamba attacks, for your information, a Black Mamba attack is when Harold takes his shoe and smacks you in the head when you either are not ready or even better yet asleep. Thanks to our friend and technician Mike G. we have all oV it on video. Cousin Bob was back at the helm as he kept it rolling. Illinois was asleep and so was the band except Cousin Bob and I, we were only a few hours away from Ohio.

Columbus was cold, raining, muddy, and wet!! One thing to say about the clowns is that they like to play in the mud till theire face paint wears off. Tractors were getting stuck trying to pull cars out ditches. Camp sites were floating away but i'll tell you what the Juggalos hung in there like an army oV clowns. Just like any army they had ammunition. As AoR trooped thru the camping site's passing out stickers to everyone, Yoshi was surrounded by some Juggalos. I entered the circle to see what was going on, they were making mud and grass bombs to throw at the stage. They were telling Yoshi that these were especially for him and his band if we suck. I'm thinking oh shit and I say"We didn't come 39 hours to suck, we came from Vegas to burn this shit up! They told me that "You have one song, maybe one, and then the mud will fly" on that note we headed to the stage.

We got on stage the sound check was on. I could see the Juggalos that we talked to in front oV the stage prepping their weapons oV mud. When all oV the sudden, Jack's amp blew up! Jack had gone directly threw the main sound system. We were all a little bit flipped but we kciked it into overdrive. ones is a true showman. The power oV his Voice can summon an army, what is what happened. Yoshi has a powerful Voice as well don't let the face paint fool you. Juggalos were coming out oV everywhere now. Shawn starts the song "Snitches" and we are off to the races. Jones, Yoshi, Shawn, Jack, Harold, and I are a tight machine. When I play my drums it's for blood!!! We played our set oV songs unscathed. As we got off stage the Juggalos were chanting family, family, FAMILY!!! The crew and management were outspoken about no food or mud being thrown at us. They said that all the past gatherings there had been ton's oV mud and debris on stage. They kept shovels and barrels on stage to keep the stage clean. As we were speaking to the next bandwas starting to perform and before they could get to the middle oV their song the mud was flying. Jones and Yoshi partied all night. When we united the next morning they were muddy and happy. Age oV Reason rocked theGathering! We headed back home to Las Vegas with our heads held high our mission was a success. - Smash Magazine- January 2007


We have an L.P called Fuck Yeah with 3 tracks and 1 hidden.
We have released our first full length on February 10th, 2007 called "Yours Mine & Ours" with 10 songs.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Age oV Reason is a band from Las Vegas with a hard sharp aggressive sound. They are currently under the process of completing their first CD. Age oV Reason has been in the Vegas scene for about three years. Brian Jones and Harold Madden are the ones who started the process. Jones is the screamer/vocalist and Harold is the bass player. Shawn Fortney jumped on board as the rhythm guitarist and back up vocalist. At that point the three started writing together. Yoshi joined them as the beat boxer/vocalist. Jack Long, the lead guitar player was interested in the music that they produced. Jack took the sound of Age oV Reason and added more power!!! Joey Klaparda/ Master Splinter completed what this band needed. A drummer who connects the distinct sound with a heavy hitting pattern. Joey has been with the band for about Eight months. Age oV Reason cannot say that they have one actual style because their personal styles are across the board. Some call it Mutt Rock or The Heinz 57 sauce of rock Yoshi calls it "Rapcore" but other than that what you hear is what you get. Age oV Reason love their fans and they enjoy performing for them. The band's goal is to tour the world to bring their music to new fans. Winner of the Battle of the bands Age oV Reason out of 32 Las Vegas Bands Took First Place at the Cheyenne Saloon Showdown in January 2006.