The word “lux” is defined as a unit of luminance; from Latin, it literally means light. We want our music to be like light in the fact that, through it, people eyes are opened to viewing things around them in a new way or a perspective that they could not see on their own.


LVX consists of 4 members; 2 sets of brothers. Tucker and Jesse have been friends since grade school as have their younger brothers Cameron and Alex. From a young age, they have all had a passion for creating music that was furthered by their time spent playing together in youth band. It was there that they were able to perform in a fun environment together in front of a group of their peers and have been doing so ever since.

LVX has a unique musical taste that comes from years of their parents sharing their love for music with them. Each member listens to a different style of music and they pull their influences together to create music that is appealing to all kinds of listeners. From their array of special effects to the use of a mandolin, every song is a little different. They don’t believe in genres, more importantly, they believe in great music that people connect to, dance to, and will listen to for years.


"At Arms Length" (6 Song EP) - Available on iTunes, Spotify, and Amazon.

"Nature vs. Nurture" (Single) - Available on iTunes

Set List

Nature vs. Nurture
Calm My Mind
Feel Alright
Don't Let Me Down
Run Out Of Night
At Arms Length