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Powell, Ohio, United States | SELF

Powell, Ohio, United States | SELF
Band Alternative Rock




"The Indie Art of LUX"

Lux is an exciting new indie rock band from the Columbus, Ohio area whose infectious tunes and live performances are beginning to make an impact in and out of their hometown. Their EP Art Of Independence has been released on Itunes – a kaleidoscope of sound that is inspiring and well worth checking into. Here is a recent interview we conducted to find out more about the band we’ll surely be hearing a lot more from in future days… - Highwire Daze Magazine


LUX released an EP called Art of Independence in the summer of 2010. It was a collection of the first five songs they had ever written as a band. The EP helped promote the band and quickly got local attention. Two of the songs, You Said Yes and Brothers & Sisters, received airtime on a local radio station. Fall of 2010 LUX decided to release two more songs as singles. First was there song Searching. Searching, with its elements of hip hop, became a crowed favorite and helped LUX reach a new fan base. There second single, Late Night, took LUX back to its rock and roll roots. Its catchy chorus and classic rock feel made it one of the bands personal favorite.
After we finished our two singles we played shows extensively throughout the Columbus area. This helped us in many ways to perform better and also made us test our commitment to music. During this time one (now former) guitarist quit. We soon found a new one, and have been recording tons of new music with him. The songs include, Tangled, Broken to Pieces, Time and many others. Our new music has attracted the attention of many insiders of the music industry including Jerry Depizzo (OAR), Andy Flick (RCA Records), and Kevin Krypell.



LUX: A Unit of luminance; from Latin, literally means light.
We chose this word because we all feel like we want to shed a certain light to the world. We want our music to be like light in the fact that, through it, people can see and better comprehend the things that happen around them. Our story starts like this...

Tucker and I (Jesse) have been friends since we were in grade school. Whether it be skateboarding or music, we have shared common interests in nearly everything we have pursued. The same can be said about our younger brothers Cameron and Alex. They have also been the best of friends from grade school and onward. My brother Alex and I started playing music in middle school. My dad first bought me a guitar and by chance, a few months later my brother got ahold of our cousins old drum kit. Around this same time, Tucker started playing the bass guitar so, naturally, Cameron did as well. After a while, Tucker started experimenting with effects and sounds and later made the change to electric guitar.
Because of our church involvement and several friends there, we all decided to join the youth band.Youth band taught us a lot about music. Here, we learned the basics of music and performance. After being on stage every week you start to learn how to take songs that have been played over and over again and turn them into songs that kids could fall in love with, and be pumped to hear every week. A few months later we would start practicing and writing our own material in my parents basement. After several months and a lot work we have finally started recording our own music. For us, this is our nirvana, it's the one place we can come to as a band and bring up issues or let out emotions and we get to lay them right before us and try to put some pattern to it all.

Thanks- Jesse, Tucker, Cameron, Alex