Lx is energy and youth. Loving the music you play always translates to the crowd, and therein lies the excitement. A set full of thick, vocally based, rock songs and abrubt mood changes always keeps the crowd interested and engaged.


Nashville is traditionally known as the country music capital of the world, but it is now the playground for three ambitious members of modern rock act LX. Making the move from their hometown of Chattanooga, Tennessee in late 2004, these passionate musicians see Nashville as a launching pad for their music to be heard by fans around the world. Their music is in no way typical of the sounds usually resonating from the music city. LX strives to set themselves apart with dynamic, constantly evolving songwriting as well as addictive guitar riffs and vocal melodies. These qualities help LX to connect with a crowd in such a way that audience members leave the concert still banging their heads to the music. “Nothing compares to the feeling of connecting with a crowd that loves the music as much as we do,” says drummer Gene Jung. These talented musicians are celebrating the release of their debut album, “Protest the Wind” across the southeast, and they are doing everything it takes to ensure that this breakthrough album is only the beginning of an illustrious career to come.

The road leading up to “Protest the Wind” was long, and each member of the band took their own unique path that ultimately be where they are today. Lead singer Jake Rolleston conceived LX as a young teenager, as the songs were seemingly bursting from his inner being. It was natural for him to express his emotion in this way. “This is how it has been since I was twelve. I found refuge playing guitar in my basement, writing everything that came to my mind. Music has literally saved my life. Now I don’t care to write music for myself, but this is something I owe as a personal debt to anyone that has ever had the same thoughts, feelings and struggles as I have.” As Rolleston continued to grow musically, he met bass player Nick Jung. Jung made all the right compliments and contributions to Rolleston’s writing style, and their chemistry worked from the start. Bringing in Nick’s brother Gene Jung made perfect sense as he was already an experienced, talented and hard-working musician. Finding the right guitar player has not been easy thus far, as members continue to seek out the perfect candidate with the same drive and dedication to succeed as current members. Patrick Damphier, producer of “Protest the Wind”, and lead singer of another well-known Nashville band named Coda has been the logical choice until the right player comes along.

From the beginning, LX was accepted with open arms by the music community in Chattanooga. Their gradual success culminated on September 18, 2004 at the release show celebrating the band’s first studio effort, “Protest the Wind”. No one predicted the crowd of more than 550 people that came to see LX play that night. The band, true to form, connected with the fans in such a way that more than 300 of the attendees purchased the album before the end of the night. At that point, LX became confident they had something musically that few bands had the opportunity to share with the world. They continue to work harder than ever today to continue sharing their music with anyone that will listen. “All the decisions I make in my life now are secondary to what needs to happen with LX,” says Rolleston. “I don’t know if that is healthy, but this band has an extreme case of tunnel vision. We refuse be satisfied simply because we love what we do and cannot imagine doing anything else.” After hearing what LX has to offer on “Protest the Wind,” one can understand more of where they come from and why they feel that playing music is what they were meant to do.

Although the potential of these musicians is quite evident throughout their new record and live performances, these artists feel this album is only the tip of the iceberg for them. Creatively and musically, LX is continuously evolving and re-inventing their craft. On the new album, Rolleston touches on this progress. “Early efforts such as “Knotes” and “Storyville Portrait” are fun songs, but I feel that our artistic growth I obvious through our later efforts, such as “Lovers in the Red Sky”, “Distance and a Promise” and “Neon Avalanche”. LX definitely feels that their latest effort is only the beginning, and the future looks all that more bright for this band.

LX is currently touring and performing in Nashville and other target markets within 500 miles. They have recently had the opportunity to play with major acts Sevendst, Velvet Revolver, Lit and Audiovent. Throughout 2005, they plan on touring festivals and venues around the country in support of their latest album. LX will also be soliciting material to select record labels and booking agencies with new manager Nick Francis.


Dead Body Ballet

Written By: LX

this crystal is your son now
he's a good one, he'll make you proud
this motel, is your home and it must be lovely
with your new fuck friend
may i have this dance with you?
and may i not take it for granted?
may i have this dance with you?
this tango is pointless
it's crooked and careless
you're cold love are you ok?
it's the meth, jake
the new dance craze
i do it for you
i'd do it for anyone
if i can't i know we're through
sometimes me and sometimes....

Lovers in the Red Sky

Written By: LX

is the weight of emptiness heavier than all the baggage?
of that bed sheet bound romance
and the ghosts of all its habits
hey lover, you hate my guts
hey lover, you hate so much
after i set this bridge ablaze i'll put a fort up in its place
just one thing left to say no girls allowed
you've got a body full of blades
or maybe it just hurts to hold you
another sidewalk serenade
without a soul around to sing to
hey lover, you hate my guts
hey lover, you hate so much
there's a blueprint i found for it all where i keep it is hidden

Storyville Portrait

Written By: LX

carve a name into my lungs
so i can breathe each breath for you with my love inside
and that's where i'll find her with a portrait and binder
recording her night's work
never knowing (ah ah ah) the one she hurts
and thats where you'll find me
off the coast of cape agony
drowning in pity never knowing (ah ah) i could fall asleep
with that anchor tied to my feet
the sticks and stones you threw they built my home and your words can't tear it down
i know you, i'm not dead yet
take another look and watch me drown
perfect time for you to hold me down
and that's where you'll find her
no portrait of binder just diseases inside her
never knowing (ah ah) the one she hurt
and that's where you'll find me
where the beaches are ugly, swimming in apathy
never knowing (ah ah) i would rather be asleep
with that anchor tied to my feet


October, 2004- "Protest the Wind"

Tracks currently getting airplay:
"STORYVILLE PORTRAIT" 102.9 The Buzz, Rock 105, 91.5 The Wall
"NEONAVALANCHE" 102.9 The Buzz, Rock 105
"DISTANCE & A PROMISE" 102.9 The Buzz, Rock 105

Set List

1. The Terrible
2. Deadbody Ballet
3. Distance and a Promise
4. Alabama
5. Knotes
6. Neon Avalanche
7. Storyville Portrait
8. Lovers in the Red Sky

Approx. Running Time 45 min.