Lyapis Trubetskoy
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Lyapis Trubetskoy

Berlin, Berlin, Germany | INDIE

Berlin, Berlin, Germany | INDIE
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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Agitpop Cd Review"

Their sound isn’t so much authentic as bizarre. Both ska and punk elements feel like they’ve been filtered a number a times, as if they’ve studied Madness and Green Day as opposed to The Skatalites and The Damned but that’s not a criticism because it’s that filter that makes things work. This may be a tribute to a lot of Western music, but it’s most definitely East European at heart and you’ll hear as much Gypsy folk in here as you will anything else. They may not have the bombast and power of a band like Kaiser’s Orchestra, who merge East and West in such a wonderful fashion, but there’s a lot to like here. What’s especially good about this collection is that (if these songs are placed in chronological order) then they’ve definitely improved year upon year. I’ll be honest though, I’m not sure I needed an hour of Belarussian ska/punk by means of an introduction but there’s no denying that this is a lot of fun. - Damian Leslie

"Agitpop Cd Review"

Lyapis Trubetskoy is a band that is huge in Russia, where they fill venues to capacity. Their sound is akin to Gogol Bordello but with more of a ska twist. They push the limits with strong political lyrics, dark humour, and images of their culture's socialist past. Although the lyrics are in Russian, the strength and meaning of the songs really come through. Agitpop is exactly that - songs which agitate against a society of wealth and war. Most importantly, the songs are quite melodic. - Paula E. Kirman

"Agitpop Cd Review"

"With hits like 'Kapital' or 'Ramonki' Lyapis Trubetskoy balances well between commercial success, underground credibility and an unique expression, which is also accompanied by visually sophisticated video clips and an original image and design brand. The lyrics are still ironic, but now they often boast a new socially critical and political dimension. 'Kapital' was the first of three albums, which can be seen as a triology, in which Lyapis defined Agitpop as their new brand mark. Thus you find the best songs of this trilogy compiled as Agitpop on this album here.
Their wild concerts have now developed into performances with front man Mikhalok in their centre as a magniloquent energy package and creative brain, reciting and agitating poems and slogans, using language and symbols of constructivism or socialist realism as part of a cultural heritage.
I have been hoping for a long time, that Lyapis Trubetskoy, as one of the most powerful, creative and interesting bands from post Soviet Union would finally release an album in the Western world. Now it finally happened. The fact, that Berlin label Eastblok Music has done it, makes me even happier, as they explicitly see themselves as musical mediators between East and West. As someone, who has been travelling to Belarus for more then 15 years, I am even happier, that for the first time a Belarusian band has made it onto a Western label, as Lypais is a band from a European country with a very vivid music scene, which we still don't know much about." - Ingo Petz, renowned German journalist and Belarus expert


2011 Funny pictures Soyuz
2010 Agitpop Agitpop (German collection) Eastblok Music
2009 Kultprosvet Deti Solntsa
2008 Manifest Deti Solntsa
2007 Capital Nikitin
2006 Men Don't Cry (Soundtracks) Birds Fabric
2004 Argentina Deti Solntsa
2004 Golden Eggs Soyuz
2003 Red Pants Birds Fabric
2001 Lyapis-dance - 2 Soyuz
2001 Youth GRAND
2000 Heavy REAL
2000 Liked by All the Girls Soyuz
1999 Lyapis-dance Soyuz
1999 Beauty Soyuz
1998 Love is gone: archive recordings 1992-1995 Soyuz
1998 You Gave Me Up Soyuz
1997 Mortal Carnival No Label
1996 Wounded Heart Satis
1995 Live '95 Love is gone! Satis



Lyapis Trubetskoy - rock-pop-art-ska-punk band that now fills venue after venue in Russia and countries around. Lyapis Trubetskoy is conquering audiences both with their new heavier ska flair and older punk pop hits. Front man himself, together with unique bands style, get energetic ska punk lovers jump, sing and dance, while also boasting an enviable pop following. In 2009 they won the RAMP (Russian Alternative Music Prize) and became the best alternative band of the year 2009.

In June'11 German lable Eastblok Music released Agitpop album, the best of collection, available in music stores in most of Europen countries.

Last summer they started their career in Europe, with performing on well-known festivals like Sziget in Hungary (main stage), Mundial in the Netherlands, Rock for People in Czech Republic, and a few totally booked clubs in Germany.

Lyapis Trubetskoy, the most famous rock group in Belarus, is known not only in post-Soviet countries, but throughout the world due to ex-Soviet citizens. Wild as punks and subtly politically incorrect, the group never misses a chance to make fun of even those things that are closely protected by dogma or censorship.

Contagious rock melodies tinged with ska and punk, together with lyrics that are filled with dark humor, have charmed even the spoiled critics of Western music who, up until now, had rarely given Eastern European rock music a second thought.

We crawled out of the underground and became known by parodying the pop culture around us. That wasnt hard, its a good deal more difficult to maintain originality and artistic spirit. I was deeply horrified one morning when I understood that our band had become the very thing we endlessly mocked. Now weve gone back to the source. Driving rock and sharp satire are enough to keep us happy and to keep audiences going wild at our concerts, says Lyapis Trubetskoy vocalist, Sergey Mikhalok.

The band has released 18 studio albums and collections.