Lycaon Pictus

Lycaon Pictus


Lycaon Pictus is a drums/bass/synth power trio singing songs of raw personal emotion, social commentary, and punky weirdness.


Aaron Diskin and Simon Marcus got their start with the New York art-rock group Challenge of the Future, which also featured Nick Zinner of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. After the band dissolved, Aaron Diskin began to write songs for a new project. He recruited John Morton, a DJ who had been performing electronic music at NYC’s SoundLab parties. The product of this pairing was Lycaon Pictus, an avant-pop duo formed around the fusion of Diskin’s sensitive lo-fi 4-track songs and Morton’s electronic production. Lycaon Pictus’ soul-baring minimalist electronic emo music provided an alternative to the Garage Rock revival and Electroclash music of the time. Lycaon Pictus released the Rough Telephone EP, which the Village Voice’s Chuck Eddy listed as one of the top 10 singles of 2003 in the Village Voice Pazz and Jop Critic's Poll.

While recording their debut album, Diskin and Morton decided to invite former Challenge of the Future drummer Simon Marcus into the fold. The resultant full-length album Deviation Amplifier used a wide range of electronic and acoustic sounds to support Diskin’s songs. Lycaon Pictus were named “Best Local Emo band” in the New York Press “Best of Manhattan Reader’s Poll 2004.” The three then began refining their sound and their live show, eventually recording Personal Disaster in the summer of 2005. Lycaon Pictus’ cult-like following grows larger with the release of this new album.


Rough Telephone EP - Dieyetribe Records 2002
Deviation Amplifier - Avant-God 2004
Personal Disaster - Avant-God 2005

Set List

Lycaon Setlists vary from show to show. The same set is never played twice, and there is always something new and different each show. A typical show is about one hour long.