Lyden Moon

Lyden Moon

 Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin, USA

Lyden Moon is a melodic instrumental guitar-based rock band w all 3 members possessing killer chops. Or as legendary guitarist Michael Angelo Batio said "Lyden Moon has earned his place as one of the great guitarists of our time." 1st 4 CDs have all sold out completely. 5th CD selling great.


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Lyden Moon decided long ago that the "vocalist" in his band would be his guitar. Possessing killer shred technique and a strong melodic sense, Moon has separated himself from most guitarists anywhere. Steve Vai once hand-picked Lyden Moon to jam with him at Chicago's House of Blues. Lyden Moon and his band have also opened up for a who's-who of big-time rock guitar legends including Gary Hoey, Michael Angelo Batio, Uli Jon Roth, Pat Travers, Marc Bonilla, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Tracii Gunns, Frank Gambale, Dave Uhrich and Joe Stump to name a handful. Batio, who was named the number one guitar shredder of All-Time by Guitar One magazine, had this to say about Lyden Moon: I have been working with Lyden Moon since recording and mixing his first CD. I have also performed numerous shows with him throughout the years. Lyden is an amazing guitarist, songwriter and arranger. When in the studio recording, he was/is always prepared and professional. Lyden has also built up a great following by constantly performing live and promoting. His CDs have sold well all over the world. Lyden Moon has earned his place as one of the great guitarists of our time. - Michael Angelo Batio.

Guitar9 ( had this to say about Lyden Moon and his band. "Lyden has reached a level of maturity in his songwriting that few instrumentalists reach. Well crafted rhythms are accompanied by soaring melodies. The tone is excellent and his band is playing tighter than ever." That band is Mark Kangas on bass guitars (brand new with Lyden after replacing Joel Thierfelder who was with Lyden for more than 10 years) and Drummer/Percussionist Dan Jung who replaced Fillet Altergott in 2008. The rhythm section is also renowned for their own virtuosity and showmanship at live performances.

Music Reviewer Dan Pavelich of Quick Spins succinctly summed up his review of Lyden Moon's newest CD offering with, "Hopefully, "It's What's Inside That Rocks" will gain Moon, Jung and Thierfelder the national attention they deserve. Very well done."

The band is known for being hard workers playing constantly in the Chicago area and upper Midwest US along with being great citizens helping out a number of Benefit shows most notably Thoughts For Food in Wisconsin nearly 10 times helping raise more than $300,000 and 85,000 pounds of food for local food banks.



Written By: We're Instrumental Melodic Heavy Rock

Therefore no lyrics, just shredding guitar wailing like a banshee.