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Lydia Laska

Oslo, Oslo County, Norway | INDIE

Oslo, Oslo County, Norway | INDIE
Band Rock Punk


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""Lydia Laska sound like a very foul mouthed and obscene version of a Detroit band from the 70's""

Sometimes I think that it is the cold countries in Europe where it's at. I know the roots are here, but them Norwegians, Finns and Swedes have their ways with American rooted music and end up with their own flavors. Take this quartet from Oslo and Stavanger for instance, they managed to sound like only themselves but their music still breathes of early American punk. Just to give you an example of how properly these boys own their sound, they claim to be influenced by bands as divergent as Burzum, The Velvet Underground, Marilyn Manson, Trail of Dead, Slayer, etc. Obviously, you can't mix all these, show your influences and come up with a decent record. The sounds of these are just too varied and too opposites. We have to leave the cut and paste to other simpletons.

For clearer references, Lydia Laska sound like a very foul mouthed and obscene version of a Detroit band from the 70's. On the other hand, they remind me of two key European bands. The first one needs no introduction; Turbonegro, whose influence is obvious because of the energy and the emphasis in melodies. The second is way more obscure; Lydia Laska's guitar oriented rock and roll reminds of the more straight ahead sounds of Xysma, a great Finnish band that put out the excellent Lotto in 1996 and came and went without anyone noticing. They were too odd for the average metalhead and too weird for anyone else. A lot of the material, and especially the buzzsaw guitar sound, is very similar to the most straight ahead material of Xysma. We're Nothing Compared to Ourselves is a four song EP that follows their debut EP White Trash Attack. It contains a cover of L7's Fuel My Fire that's every bit as good as the original. Better yet, they haven't merely covered it but have made it their own. - Deaf Sparrow

""This here's driving music!!!""

Caught somewhere between the post-punk outpourings of Seattle's
Seaweed and Norway's dirty rockers Turbonegro come Lydia Laska. Their
second EP manages to spit forth some great tracks of punk inspired
rock and is a direct follow up to their previous EP, White Trash
Attack. With that said though the songs are more developed and
catchier to me. There are three original compositions and a noisy and dirty cover of L7's Fuel My Fire which to me seems a little out of
place compared to the original pieces. Love and Penetration is more playful and harsh in turns lyrically. Whereas Mandy gives a feeling of yearning through drifting subtle melodies and plaintive vocals
courtesy of Candy Whorehole. My favorite song, Slut Machine Somehow adds a main riff that screams like it came out of the late 80s New Wave movement with its dead-on Berlin or Dead or Alive feeling. With each of Lydia Laska's songs there seems to be a subtle undercurrent of
sadness which I find surprisingly soothing despite the high levels of
noise and pounding drums. Candy Whorehole's vocals have to be one of my favorite vocalists in this style since Jason Beebout of Samiam. I
don't feel that the lyrical depth of these guys matches the musical
and emotional impact of their songs. That to me is a shame. This EP is quite catchy and inspiring. It is too bad it clocks in at only 12
minutes. I could really do with a whole album of Lydia Laska's music.
This here's driving music!!! -

"" interesting fusion of rock, punk and metal with a sleazy tenacity...""

The follow up to 2006's debut release 'White Trash Attack', Lydia Laska's sophomore effort arrives in the form of another 4 track EP on Duplicate Records, 'We're Nothing Compared To Ourselves'. Citing a range of diverse influences from David Bowie, The Stooges and Velvet Underground to Kiss, Motorhead, Bathory, Slayer and Darkthrone, the Norwegian 5 piece play an interesting fusion of rock, punk and metal with a sleazy tenacity, and that should most definitely be 'Sleazy' with a capital 'S'. With a reputation for wildly unpredictable live performances including, according to the press release accompanying the CD, "cross-dressing, violence/making out, whipping and throwing pinecones at the audience and not giving a fuck", frontman Candy Whorehole also apparently "bit the guitar player's nipples off" during a gig which probably explains why band member Solan is credited on Lydia Laska's MySpace page as "guitars, backing vocals, ex-nipple"! So what of the four tracks on offer here? Opening track 'Love and Penetration' commences with some strangled, discordant trombone before the punk-rock and quasi-metal groove of the drums, bass and guitars kick in, and then Whorehole's vocals which sound coherently alcohol-fuelled through their meretriciously inconsonant delivery which suit the music perfectly. Also notable on this first track are guest contributions from Emil Nikolaisen (Serena Maneesh) on guitar/guest vocals; Maniac (Skitliv, ex-Mayhem) on 'guest penetration' (??!) and Bård Ingebrigtsen (Sirens Like Us) with 'some guest guitar' and mellotron. Tracks two and three pertain to the same rock-punk-metal fusion as the first, before the short EP concludes with an arrestingly good cover of L7's 'Fuel My Fire' that showcases a more aggressive side to Whorehole's vocals. Production-wise, 'We're Nothing Compared To Ourselves' is fitting for the music and is [I'm guessing deliberately] far from pristine, with the dirty sounding guitars and bass sitting comfortably on top of an almost 'live' drum sound in a well mixed recording. In fact, it is worth noting that the band's drummer is talented ex-Dismal Euphony sticksman Kris Vold (here under the name of Voldswagen), although musically Lydia Laska are entirely different from the dark metal output of his previous band. Overall, an excellent, solid release, and if sleazy punk-rock-metal is your thing, then this comes highly recommended.

8 out of 10 points -

""One of the best newcomers in music the last couple of years!!!!!""

Hereby I introduce you: Lydia Laska, the world's sleaziest, most insane rock band ready to penetrate your ears with groovey fucked up rock. Founded in 2002 these madmen released their debut EP "White thrash attack" in 2006. This EP still makes it spins in my CD-player a lot. Without knowing how to properly catagorise this music I have to admit I got infected with the Lydia Laska virus...a virus more infectious than all modern diseases combined. The band themselves describe their music as the feeling of a bottle of Macallan single malt smashed in your face. Guess that explains enough, huh?!

Not long ago the follow-up EP entitled "We're nothing compared to ourselves" has been released. This new EP is written in the same era as the debut EP while being on locations in a caravan in Spain, on a toilet in the middle of an olive field and underneath a bridge in Holland to mention a few.....not the most common places I would say. But then again Lydia Laska is not a common band either. With inspirations from The Velvet Underground, Stooges, Sonic Youth, David Bowie and old school black metal these modern day freaks bring you four insane tracks which rock the balls out of my jeans. Opening track "Love and penetration" starts very unusual with a trombone and an insane scream 'I am the deviiiiil'. After that a massive grooving rocktune kicks me full in the stomach, making me puke while singing along the infectious 'penetrating' lyrics. I don't know what to say...this rocks, this kicks, this drugs me.....BRILLIANT!!!!! Skitliv and ex-Mayhem vocalist Maniac contributes some guest penetratiions here. Next up is "Mandy", yet another makes you wanna sing along...which is impossible. It makes you wanna jump and do some kicks...but that's impossible too. All that happens is me being overwhelmed by this excellent grooving rock. The exact same goes for "Slut machine" and finishing punch "Fuel my fire" which is a cover originally done by female rockers L7.

I have to admit that my words above won't clear up much about Lydia Laska's music. Well, I don't give a fuck about that. This music isn't something which should be explained. It should be experienced! Experienced on HIGH VOLUME, preferably with some booze along the way. To all masochists I would say: Buy this EP and get yourself kicked in the balls by these desecrators of all that is good. To music fans that like their rock groovy with a punch I also highly recommend Lydia my eyes one of thé best newcomers in music the last couple of years!!!!!

Check to experience your own humiliation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Archaic Magazine (ex. Vampire Magazine)

""Midt imellom kunst og alt som kan knuses. Kvalitet!""

White Trash Attack

Ikke så mye å gå på når du kun får 4 låter om gangen, men mitt første bekjentskap med Lydia Laska er positivt selv om dette er en sjanger jeg vanligvis ikke finner i platesamlinga mi. Det blir like doser lyden til Sonic Youth og holdningen til The Stooges med en touch glam når våre norske gutter skrur opp gitarlyden. Jeg skal faktisk begynne å kommentere produksjon denne gangen. Selv om coveret og cden er hjemmesnekra (håndbrettet cover! Jeg er forelska) er det ingenting som er tilfeldig eller amatørmessig ved produksjonen. Lydia Laska har så ubeskrivelig deilig lyd at jeg vil bygge et tempel til den. Alle instrumenter er klare og tydelige, trommelyd er tight og miksen gjør at alt bare høres noe helt inni helvete proft ut. På tittelsporet White Trash attack klarer de til og med å la en akustisk gitar holde tritt med den elektriske hele veien uten at vi mister den i miksen.

Det er ikke bare miksen som er proff når det gjelder dette bandet. Musikerne er dyktige og flinke til å skrive låter som spenner bredt og tør å veksle mellom pen glamaktig rock og det litt mer skitne som vi finner i underetasjen. Vokalmessig minner det SVÆRT masse om Silver, selv om hele bandet får spille sin rolle kan det virke på meg som vokalist Candy går inn for å være frontmann med stor F. Personlig elsker jeg hvordan bandet klarer å holde seg i flere sjangere på en gang, men det er litt vanskelig for meg å se hvilket publikum som skal bli deres største. Akkurat når de holder på å tippe over på tilgjengelig tar de en avstikker og roter det til (ment som et stort kompliment), samtidig leker de med de fineste gitarpopmelodier etter å ha høvlet ørene dine med gitarer. Et produkt som egentlig virket kommerst med første øyekast er egentlig vanskeligere med andre lytt. Av de 4 låtene vi får på denne lille forsmaken er 3 av stor kvalitet, de er både litt mystiske og svært nøye gjennomtenkte. Den siste, Black metal robot club er hardere enn forgjengerne, men er litt for preget av en helt banal tekst som jeg gjerne skulle vært foruten. Linjer som ”I wanna taste the semen” og ”Robot club you slut slut Satan” trekker helheten ned. Det blir overkill og provoserer ingen tror jeg, kun irriterer. Kanskje dette er meninga også?

Minus irritasjonsmomentet som Black metal robot club er så vil jeg gjerne gi en tommel opp til Lydia Laska for å vise at de nye sjangerens tid stadig ikke er over. Bandet overbeviser meg med en veldig selvsikker og til tider intenst EP som man gjerne kan høre om og om igjen og få med seg nye detaljer hver gang. Tittelsporet er obligatorisk på alle dine mikstaper gjennom høsten. Størst høy fem får bandet i midlertidig for produksjonen som er sannsynligvis den deiligste jeg har hørt i Norge siden Alpine Those Myriads spilte inn sitt debutalbum. Det kjennes ut som om bandet er helt fremme i høytalerne og vrenger ut sjelen sin i svette og intensitet. Det blir som Silver fra helvete midt imellom kunst og alt som kan knuses. Kvalitet!

8/10 -

"Sonic Youth + Ramones = Lydia Laska"

We're Nothing Compared to Ourselves

Nok en EP fra Lydia Laska har havnet i mine hender. Ettersom jeg fikk to p� en gang m� jeg jo lure: Er det ikke mer �konomisk � sl� sammen disse to til en cd? Vel, jeg skal ikke legge meg for mye borti hva bandet gj�r eller ikke, jeg skal jo bare kommentere musikken. Ogs� denne gangen snakker vi om p�nka glamrock fra Laskas side. Variasjonen mellom l�tene er litt st�rre enn den forrige EPen jeg anmeldte av bandet. Dette kan v�re fordi l�tene er snekret sammen over flere �r. I f�lge bookleten er de fleste l�tene skrevet i 2002. Sist nevnte jeg at Silver var en god referanse for Lydia Laskas 50/50 skitten/glamor�se sound. Ved n�rmere ettersyn i bookleten st�r det at ex-medlem i nevnte s�lvgutter, Emil Nikolaisen synger gjestevokal og spiller lead gitar. Mysteriet er alts� l�st, det finnes en link mellom de to banda. Selv om inspirasjonen er der er det ikke snakk om noe ripoff. Uten � slenge dritt til Silver p� noen m�te kan vi vel si at Lydia skriver litt mer avanserte l�ter. Spesielt gitarriff og vokal sitter virkelig som st�pt n�r du kj�rer skiva p� h�yt volum.

N�r du lager en s�pass kort EP der bare tre av l�tene er din egne (Fuel my fire er en cover at det str�lende bandet L7) er det viktig at du kan skille l�tene fra hverandre og at de holder god kvalitet. Jeg trenger egentlig bare en gjennomh�ring for � konstatere at det blir tommel opp med en gang. Love and penetration starter merkelig nok med en trombone spilt litt s�nn halvsurt f�r en stemme skriker noe som kan h�res ut som �I am the devil!�. Siden tidligere Mayhem vokalist Maniac st�r oppf�rt som �guest penetration� tar jeg en sjans p� at dette er han. Allerede n� begynner du vel � lure p� hva slags band dette er. Jeg tror gutta har g�tt inn for � v�re litt interessante p� den m�ten at de ikke vil at du skal glemme l�tene n�r du h�rer dem. Planen fungerer i hvert fall p� meg. Nevnte penetrasjonsl�t er nydelig utf�rt i balansegangen mellom drivende Sonic Youth og litt Ramones-riffing. Det er som om et bein er i den hippe studentmengden med sine fancy skjerf, trange bukser og briller og det andre beinet st�r p� monitoren i den skitne p�bben p� hj�rnet.

Slut Machine er enda litt mer drivende enn f�rstel�t. Gitaren er helt framme i lydbildet og selv om hovedriffet er enkelt s� peises det p� med nye nydelige mini-riff hele tiden. Det er ikke vokal hele tida, Lydia Laska veit styrken av � la instrumentene tale for seg selv i perioder. Det fungerer slik at jeg nyter detaljene mer samtidig som jeg lengter etter vokalen og blir ekstra glad n�r den kommer tilbake. Slut Machine er liksom bygd for undergrunnsradio, det er kj�remusikk, lett � like og lett � tromme p� bordet til. Det kjennes b�de avansert og enkelt p� en gang. Enkelt fordi det er s� lett � f� melodiene p� hjernen, avansert fordi du kan finne en ny detalj hver gang du kj�rer sangen om igjen. Mandy er siste egenproduserte l�t, her �kes tempoet litt og trommisen f�r vise seg fram som en absolutt habil musiker. At l�tene er spilt inn ulike steder kan kanskje ha noe si p� at hvert instrument er litt ulikt vektlagt p� hver l�t. Vanligvis kunne jo dette gj�re at spriket blir stort, men jeg koser meg med at det gir meg st�rre innsikt i hva hver enkelt musiker gj�r. Selv om det er vanskelig � velge en favoritt p� EPen tror jeg at Mandy blir jenta mi. G�rningene har med en mandolin, �ge Aleksandersens bassist (riktignok p� gitar) og en fyr kalt Jaqcues Matt (hihi) p� axl-vokal. Kanskje humoren min er litt billig, men jeg synes ALDRI det kan bli nok sleivspark til Axel Rose, mannen vi elsker � hate. Slutten av l�ta er nemlig en langstrakt acapella tone som slutter i en �ooooooooh yeeeeeah�. Det er ikke noe tvil egentlig, Lydia Laska vet hvordan de skal ha det moro.

Coverl�ten avslutter EPen og selv om jeg ikke har h�rt originalen s� har jeg trua p� at bandet klarer � gj�re sangen til sin egen selv om den er en del hardere enn deres andre materiale. Tenk deg tilbake p� midten av 90-tallet og aldri stopp n�r du begynner � la powerchordene rive ut av gitaren din. Vokalist Candy dytter stemmen til det ytterste og det kjennes godt i �rene. � avslutte EPen med noe s�pass hardt gj�r at jeg kan skru av cdspillern med et smil om munnen. Lydia er et skikkelig bra band som fortjener at du lytter godt p� dem. De dukker helt sikkert opp p� en scene n�r deg snart.

8.5/10 -

""I don’t have much more to say other than that Lydia Laska is the best punk metal band in Norway.""

“I don’t have much more to say other than that Lydia Laska is the best punk metal band in Norway. They delivered one of the better concerts I’ve seen by them in a long time, and it was especially nice that the vocalist neither was nailed to the roof, laid sleeping on stage, bit the nipple of the guitarist or beat up the audience this time, but delivered a bloody brilliant performance. When he is at his best there’s no one better in Norway in his genre. (…)

I mean it when I say run and buy “We’re Nothing Compared To Ourselves�, because we would have to look for a long time to find another near classic piece of rock history this side of Turbos’ “Ass Cobra�. Buy “White Trash Attack� too while you’re at it. This is maybe even better�. (, Christian Andersen) After a concert at by:Larm, Oslo 23.02.2008 -


White Trash Attack (EP 2006, Duplicate Records)

We're Nothing Compared To Ourselves (EP 2007, Duplicate Records)

Could I have a go on your girl, please? (7", Duplicate Records 2009)

Krankenhaus (debut album, october 2010)



In 2002, two hobos left Norway for the golden streets of Europe, but they only found trash.

Busking for beer cans and canned beans, living in dumpsters and car wrecks, songs started popping up like cockroaches. After seven months failing to find a singer, a fistfight nearly killed the band before it was even formed.

However, much like vermin these blokes wouldnt betray their pestilent nature and years later, (now a five-piece) once again found themselves plotting against the mundane. Candy Whorehole had to pick up the microphone himself.

Drawing inspiration from The Velvet Underground, Stooges, Sonic Youth, Bowie and oldschool black metal, the band recorded their first ep, brimming with infectious songwriting and brutally honest lyrics. Like a fucked up concoction of honey and bee stings, White Trash Attack feels like a bottle of Macallan single malt smashed in your face.

We're Nothing Compared To Ourselves is the follow-up to Lydia Laska's 2006 debut ep White Trash Attack, and the two releases can be seen as companion pieces. They both comprise material written in the same time period, in locations like Spain, Amsterdam, London, Stavanger and Oslo.

On "We're Nothing..." the band ups the ante several notches bringing a whole new set of venomous flavours to the table. Opener Love And Penetration is a filthy sing-along, except you wouldn't be caught dead singing along to those lyrics. Mandy is a piece of rock so infectious it's bound to leave rashes in unspeakable places, and the cover of L7's Fuel My Fire is sure to create bloodshed on the dancefloor in the seediest of bars. Add to that Slut Machine and you have a bad case of hedonist wastebin rock that'll have you face down in the gutter out of shame for enjoying it so much.

-Einar Sjursjo (Virus, Beyond Dawn, Duplicate Records )